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  1. 1. Aztec  Mythology   Liam  Acosta  
  2. 2. Gods  and  Everyday  Life  •  To  the  Aztecs,  religion  was  an  extremely   important  part  of  their  culture.  •  The  gods  played  an  integral  part  in  everyday   life  from  household  tasks  to  farming.  •  They  controlled  all  of  the  elements  and   preserved  the  balance  of  the  natural  world.  •  Because  of  this  order  they  valued  the  most   precious  thing,  life.  
  3. 3. Worship  •  The  Aztecs,  like  many  other  cultures,  celebrate   their  gods  through  feasts,  ceremonies,  and   tradiDonal  worship  at  a  temple.  •  They  gave  away  what  was  most  precious,  their   life.  •  Though  they  mostly  sacrificed  prisoners  of  war   and  children,  they  believed  that  the  gods  grew   stronger  of  the  blood  and  hearts  of  those   sacrificed.    •  Because  of  their  religion,  the  Aztec  priests  were   skilled  astronomers  and  mathemaDcians  
  4. 4. The  Gods  •  In  Aztec  Mythology,  there  are  over  99  deiDes  and   many  with  more  than  one  name.  •  The  Aztecs  believed  that  all  of  the  gods  should  be   respected  for  fear  of  their  wrath  or  other   problems  that  could  ensue.  •  While  some  were  benevolent,  others  had  ability   to  cause  grave  misfortune.  •  Numerous  amounts  of  temples  and  places  of   worship  were  raised  in  order  to  please  all  of   these  gods    
  5. 5. QUETZALCOATL  •  Known  as  the  Feather  Serpent,  Quetzalcoatl   was  the  god  of  civilizaDon  and  learning.  •  One  of  the  oldest  gods,  known  even  to  the   Mayan,  he  brought  science,  agriculture,  and   all  that  is  good  in  civilizaDon.  •  He  is  said  to  have  created  man  by  dripping   blood  on  bones,  and  therefore  we  are  are   seen  as  his  children.  
  6. 6. Huitzlopochtli  •  The  most  important  Aztec  God  •  He  was  the  sun  god  and  the  deified  ancestral  warrior-­‐ hero.  •  He  was  also  seen  as  the  par  for  excellence  in  Aztec   Society.  •  His  is  considered  the  reincarnaDon  of  the  sun  and  night   and  therefore  has  the  constant  struggle  of  keeping  the   night  at  bay  and  keeping  human  civilizaDon  alive  •  He  must  have  blood  sacrifice  in  order  to  maintain  his   daily  baSle  of  keeping  humans  alive.  
  7. 7. Other  Gods  •  There  are  gods  for  virtually  every  facet  of  life   and  culture  of  the  Aztecs  •  Each  god  has  a  specific  duty  either  as  acDng  as   an  object  (  Metztli  –  the  moon  good)  or  a   certain  overseeing  certain  acDons   (Chalchiuhtlicue  -­‐  The  goddess  of  running   water)  •  Religion  played  a  key  part  in  the  culture  of  the   Aztecs  as  well  as  their  everyday  duDes