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NeXT company presentation


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Who we are, what we have become, where we want to get in the future

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NeXT company presentation

  1. 1. NEXT «Software Solutions for digital projects and smart factory »
  2. 2. NeXT 2
  3. 3.  NeXT is signed up in the Chamber of Commerce register with the status of an innovative PMI: we deal with the development and marketing of high-tech software applications.  It was among the first 6 innovative Italian PMI at the "Open Innovative PMI" prize organized by Bernoni Grant Thornton.  The business success of NeXT has led it every year to increase the size of its team, in relation to important commitments and increasingly ambitious projects. NeXT | About us 3 INNOVATIVE PMI AMONG THE FIRST 6 INNOVATIVE PMI THE TEAM GROWS
  4. 4. NeXT | Trend 4 In 2017, NeXT crossed the line of € 1,000,000 in sales: great satisfaction, great responsibility for commitments to come. 250.000,00 € 250.000,00 € 350.000,00 € 450.000,00 € 500.000,00 € 1.000.000,00 € 4 5 6 6 9 13 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 0,00 € 200.000,00 € 400.000,00 € 600.000,00 € 800.000,00 € 1.000.000,00 € 1.200.000,00 € NeXT revenue growth/n. employee fatturato n. dipendendenti
  5. 5. NeXT | Our mission 5 ❑ Design and implement strategies for the digitalization of processes, really strategic activities for the years to come. ❑ Develop projects with a view to factory 4.0, environment towards which NeXT is naturally oriented. ❑ Continue to develop concrete projects in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. ❑ Investing time and resources in research and development. «The current scenario is Industry 4.0, but evolution is already in our name» DIGITALIZATION OF PROCESSES FACTORY 4.0 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND MACHINE LEARNING RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT
  6. 6. NeXT | Major customers 6 FCA Group •Management of motors in the finishing department with pick to light •Check of plant AGV •Monitoring of motor shaft line efficiency •Traceability of motor shaft line Ariston Thermo •Monitoring of OEE general efficiency. •WCM support through “just in time” manufacturing on production lines Franke •Andon monitoring on production lines. •OEE monitoring general efficiency. Faber •Andon monitoring on production lines. •Monitoring of OEE general efficiency. •Quality control on vibration testing (Vibco) Elica •Traceability of product units in all Italian and foreign plants. •Electrical test traceability •Quality control on vibration testing (Vibco) •Monitoring of OEE general efficiency •Visual SOP •Labels print management •Print inline product characteristics and packaging label •Generating energy label SCA Hygiene Products •Statistical Process Control (SPC). •Warehouse Management System. •Monitoring of customs and relevant chemical costs and power factors with regard to production. •Support for the management of the CILs •Management of roles and personnel requirements of all Italian plants E-Distribuzione •Creation of “ProLED“, software for the design and mechanical calculation for medium and low-voltage power lines. •Digitization projects *The efficiency modules have been implemented in all Franke plants in the world
  7. 7. NeXT | Solutions for industrial processes: AI-IMPROVE 4.0 IMPROVE | Customer Centered Design 7 • The graphics are assembled so as to provide only the necessary information. • The interfaces are dedicated and adapted to each specific company role.
  8. 8. NeXT | Our core business: IMPROVE 4.0  Plant monitoring  Efficiency monitoring – OEE  In line monitoring – Andon  Energy consumption monitoring  Statistical Process Control  Quality control  Vibco (Quality control based on vibration and noise analysis)  Statistical Process Control  Maintenances  Preventive maintenance – CIL  Professional maintenance – Machine ledger (WCM)  Ewo module (WCM)  Logistic  Kanban  Warehouse Management System  Traceability  Product and process traceability  Operators support  Pick to light  Visual SOP (WCM)  Safety  S-EWO module (WCM)  Robot handling  Robot and AGV handling 8 IMPROVE 4.0: Waste reduction, Efficiency monitoring, Production processes rationalization Areas of applicability IMPROVE is a software solution that is highly customized and designed to satisfy customer needs. Each implementation follows a careful analysis of the reality in which the software will operate.
  9. 9. NeXT | Other software solutions: ProLED ProLED | Design and mechanical calculation of power lines ProLED, which stands for “Progettazione Linee Elettriche di Distribuzione” (Design of power distribution lines) is a computer- based system created for the mechanical testing of medium- and low-voltage power lines in compliance with CEI-11-4-1998, CEI- 11-4-2011 and CEI EN 50341-2-13. ProLED supports designers of power lines in the creation of new projects; it also makes it possible to check existing lines, assessing the suitability of parts present. 9
  10. 10.  Our interest at the moment is mainly aimed at:  Jk  Machine learning  Chat bot  Smart glasses NeXT | WORK IN PROGRESS 10 Machine learning: through the great flow of data, it forms the basis for the creation of algorithms that can learn and make predictions and, finally, make decisions. Chat bot: Big data and machine learning will allow the development of a more advanced Human2Machine communication, thanks to the understanding of natural language.Smart glasses: these innovative devices will lead to a revolution both in human work and in the reduction of waste of time and improvement of efficiency. Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Internet of things
  11. 11. The application systems developed by NeXT are based on cutting-edge Agent technology. Every software module is created as an agent, developed to pursue its aim. The user interfaces are graphically pleasing and highly ergonomic. Web potential has made it possible to integrate functional, sleek graphic tools.. Technology11 Intelligent Agents Framework Web Intelligent Platform
  12. 12. NeXT technology is integrated into open-source environments to allow the implementation of complex, reliable systems, while optimising resources. Next systems are created on Linux operating systems; the relational database is PostgreSql, and the Web-Server is Apache2. Technology12
  13. 13. NeXT | Our core business: IMPROVE 4.0 IMPROVE | Distinguishing features 13 • Designed in collaboration with Lean and WCM consultants. • Created and developed by NeXT using the innovative Agent programming paradigm. • Browser-based, it can be used anywhere, on any device. • It allows a flow of communication between any «actor» of the production process: operator, machine, device, ... plant • It is a powerful tool for extrapolation, interpretation and analysis of data coming from the field
  14. 14. NeXT | Our core business: IMPROVE 4.0 14 IMPROVE 4.0 Internet Of Things Cloud Computing Big Data Horizontal and vertical integration Machine learning Chat bot IMPROVE | RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT The technologies that have allowed the development of the fourth industrial revolution are different, but at the center of everything there is communication. Man has evolved since he began to evolve his own communication systems. IMPROVE 4.0, with its innovative Agent programming paradigm, represents an evolution in the field of software, the ideal vehicle for managing the factory that one really wants to say "smart". For many years NeXT has been carrying out research activities aimed at perfecting those tools that today we conventionally identify with the concept of Industry 4.0. Today, we are able to reap the benefits of this research and pursue innovative and ambitious projects. «If something can be thought, it can be realized»
  15. 15. NeXT | Collaborations and research «The development of innovative solutions is closely related to a continuous connection with the scientific community» 16 NeXT cooperates with the Università Politecnica delle Marche and the R&D of the major industrial groups, working on fault diagnosis of complex systems and intelligent control of energy efficiency.
  16. 16. NeXT | Prizes and Awards 17  2018  NeXT awarded by the «International Joint Conference on Mechanics, Design Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing» as the «second best paper» for the project «A decision theory approach to support action plans in cooker hoods manufacturing», for the «Manufacturing and Industrial Process Design» category  2017  Among the first six innovative PMI at the «Open Innovative PMI» prize organized by Bernoni Grant Thornton, in the category «PMI and European and foreign markets».  Next is presented as a case study and testimonial for innovation and export to the CNA Ancona elective assembly  NeXT is included in the register of the Chamber of Commerce of Ancona with the status of «Innovative PMI»  2016  CNA Marche rewards NeXT: Marche excellence 2015  CNA Marche NeXT rewards: best company for «innovation and research»  2015  CNA Marche rewards NeXT: Marche excellence 2014
  17. 17. Keep in touch Project manager Sales Sito web: Linkedin: Twitter: Google+: Nicola Bergantino tel: 3774246814 Giampiero Giannoni tel: 3387633786 Via Ancona 55/A 60030 Castelbellino (AN) Tel: +39 0731.696646 18 Lorenzo Bravi tel: 3403019431 Contacts Addresses