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NR 2010 Presentation


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Published in: Business, News & Politics
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NR 2010 Presentation

  1. 1. Presentation to the General Membership January 14, 2010 N E X T R O C K F O R D T W E N T Y T E N
  2. 2. Next Rockford Timeline Completed 6 community service Fundraised $30K and projects Participated in the Rebecca Provided NFP Board training to Group met monthly discussing Ryan study with the RAEDC members Fall 2003 issues related to community 6 members filled 3 RAEDC Fundraised for 2nd phase of Founding members had Determined to be more than business solutions team seats ARTRA funding the idea to bring a networking group Amended bylaws to allow for a Continued presence on ARTRA together the next Established the Next Rockford general membership Board, RAEDC Board and RAEDC generation of leadership in Rockford. They were name and passed first bylaws By end of 2006, membership business solutions teams unsure what it would had grown to 40 individuals 85 members at end of 2008 lead to. TWENTY TEN 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Hosted the first Aldermanic Fall 2005 Approved for an December 2003 Forum in the city’s history ex-officio seat on the Connected with RAEDC First meeting of RAEDC Board of Implement 2009 Strategic Plan NEXT ROCKFORD and Rebecca Ryan of Next Rockford held Directors Next Generation Provided support for the launch of at Stockholm Inn Consulting the Chamber’s YPO, Ignite with 10 Focused on organizational structure, individuals. Became instrumental strategic planning, and ARTRA Successfully advocated for in fundraising for the Charter Schools in our community ARTRA efforts in Completed 2 community service projects Continued presence on ARTRA Rockford Successfully advocated & supported the Board, RAEDC Board and RAEDC sales tax referendum business solutions teams Launched Jobapalooza with ARTRA Currently at 90 members Grown to 60 members by end of 2007 N E X T   R O C K F O R D
  3. 3. The Mission of Next Rockford To Engage Rockford’s Next TWENTY TEN Generation of Leadership to Advocate for Improvements in Education, the Business NEXT ROCKFORD Environment, and Urban Development N  E X T   R O C K F O R D
  4. 4. Accomplishing the Mission: Connecting with Each Other and our Community... ✴ Through regular formal and informal meetings of the membership TWENTY TEN ✴Through monthly programs to educate and provide the opportunity for involvement ✴Through committee activities that serve Next Rockford’s Mission NEXT ROCKFORD ✴Through connections with the numerous organizations in the area that allow for the next generation of leaders to be engaged in the issues that are important, including: N  E X T   R O C K F O R D
  5. 5. Next Rockford’s Structure ✴Organized as an Illinois not-for-profit organization (not a 501(C)(3)) ✴Next Rockford has a fiscal and membership year from October 1st through September 30th TWENTY TEN ✴All individuals born after 1965 are eligible to join Next Rockford. The process includes sponsorship by a current member, application completion, membership orientation, and dues payment NEXT ROCKFORD ✴The organization hosts monthly meetings of its general membership ✴The organization collects an annual dues from members of $100 per individual N  E X T   R O C K F O R D
  6. 6. Next Rockford’s Leadership ✴Organization is governed by a board of directors (Strategy Team) of no fewer than 10 and no more than 20 current members TWENTY TEN ✴A general member is required to have been an active member for at least 6-months prior to consideration for Strategy Team ✴The Strategy Team meets once a month and there NEXT ROCKFORD are no term limits ✴The officers include a President (Facilitator serving a 2-year term), Vice President (Vice Facilitator - Facilitator Elect), Secretary and Treasurer N  E X T   R O C K F O R D
  7. 7. Next Rockford’s Leadership 2009-2010 Strategy Team Members ✴ David Anderson ✴ Matt Branom ✴ Doug Burton ✴ Ed Geeser TWENTY TEN ✴ Jeff Glass ✴ John Groh - Vice Facilitator ✴ Amanda Hamaker ✴ Cindy Harris ✴ Shane Hartje ✴ Brant Hulsebus NEXT ROCKFORD ✴ Jeff Hultman – Immediate Past Facilitator ✴ Kris Kieper – Facilitator ✴ Dana Kiley - Secretary ✴ Mike Loven ✴ Ryan Moore ✴ Brent Scott – Treasurer N  E X T   R O C K F O R D
  8. 8. Synopsis 2009 ✴ Complete one community service project per quarter ✴ Continue implementation of the Next Rockford HR team to support local next generation hiring TWENTY TEN efforts. ✴ Provide members for RAEDC Solutions Teams ✴ Sit on Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee NEXT ROCKFORD ✴ Provide input to Rockford Chamber and the ARTRA Team to support IGNITE growth. ✴ Complete session 2 of the board of directors not- for-profit training for Next Rockford members. N  E X T   R O C K F O R D
  9. 9. Strategies for Impact…2009 - 2012 2009 Strategic Planning Objectives TWENTY TEN ✴Focus Areas ✴Membership ✴Issue Advocacy ✴Community Impact ✴Education NEXT ROCKFORD ✴Business Development ✴Urban Development/Epicenter N  E X T   R O C K F O R D
  10. 10. Next Rockford Committees & Strategy Team Chairs ✴Business Environment - Brent Scott ✴Civic - Matt Branom ✴Communications - Cindy Harris TWENTY TEN ✴Education - Amanda Hamaker & Doug Burton ✴Government Affairs - Jeff Glass ✴Membership - Brant Hulsebus NEXT ROCKFORD ✴Urban Development - David Anderson N  E X T   R O C K F O R D
  11. 11. Business Env ironment ✴ Business Environment ✴ Human Resource Committee ✴ ARTRA ✴ RAEDC Business Retention & Expansion Committee ✴ RAEDC Board of Directors Development – develops and supports TWENTY TEN activities that inform and benefit membership of Next Rockford through networking, communications, and orientation. Seeks to build a stronger membership base to support Next Rockford’s objectives. NEXT ROCKFORD N  E X T   R O C K F O R D
  12. 12. Civic ✴Goal – Directly give back to our community ✴Other Benefits ✴Provide additional camaraderie opportunities with other NR members ✴Increase the branding of the group NEX T RO C K F OR D T W EN TY T E N ✴Complete 3-4 Community Service Projects per Year ✴Past Projects ✴Toy Drive ✴Sharefest ✴Pain-a-thon ✴Using the results from the November survey... N  E X T   R O C K F O R D
  13. 13. Communications  Communications – develop and implement tools to assist Next Rockford membership in better communications internally and externally TWENTY TEN ✴Communication tools – member to member ✴Member Newsletter ✴External community communications ✴Blogs/Articles in newspaper ✴Podcasts, website, listserve NEXT ROCKFORD ✴Press releases N  E X T   R O C K F O R D
  14. 14. Education ✴ Education Committee ✴ Neighborhood School Zones ✴ Charter Schools TWENTY TEN NEXT ROCKFORD N  E X T   R O C K F O R D
  15. 15. Government Affairs ✴ Government Affairs ✴ Grow Local, Regional, State legislative contacts ✴ Attend Chamber Government Affairs Meetings to ID issues critical to the community which fall within the objectives of Next Rockford ✴ Assign members to local politicians ✴ Communications Internal/External – newsletter submission ✴ Issue Specific Ad-hoc Committee’s ✴ Next Rockford/UIC College of Medicine Reception TWENTY TEN ✴ Election activities/Aldermanic Forum’s  NEXT ROCKFORD N  E X T   R O C K F O R D
  16. 16. Membership Team
  17. 17. • Welcoming new members • Organizing new members • Post meeting meetings • Orientations
  18. 18. Organizing New Members • Meeting with people after the meetings to obtain email addresses • Getting emails on list serve • General welcoming and information on next orientation
  19. 19. Orientation • Host quarterly orientations • Plan and organize after hours with orientation • Prepare orientation information- timeline and committee information
  20. 20. Post-Orientation • Get the information to the committee heads to contact the new members and get them involved
  21. 21. After-hours • Need after hours with the orientation • We want our new members to meet our current members
  22. 22. NR RN • Next Rockford’s Relevant News • This is our newsletter • Need to round up the information and proof read final document
  23. 23. Urban Development ✴ Urban Development ✴ support/advocate for downtown development plan ✴ identify/advocate epicenter and urban development initiatives that support Next Rockford’s objectives  TWENTY TEN NEXT ROCKFORD N  E X T   R O C K F O R D
  24. 24. Goals 2010 TWENTY TEN NEXT ROCKFORD N  E X T   R O C K F O R D
  25. 25. 2010 Budget Actual Budget 10/1/2008 10/1/09- -8/15/2009 9/30/10 Income Membership Dues $7,925.00 $6,700.00 Newsletter Ad Revenue $30.00 $500.00 Donations $0.00 $0.00 Sponsorships $0.00 $0.00 TWENTY TEN Total $7,955.00 $7,200.00 Expenses EDC Membership Dues $2,000.00 $2,000.00 Community Service Project(s) $800.00 $1,000.00 Insurance Expense $772.00 $800.00 Other Events $1,050.00 $500.00 Website/IT $0.00 $500.00 Programming $0.00 $500.00 Marketing Items $0.00 $250.00 NEXT ROCKFORD College of Med Event $23.00 $250.00 Tables at dinners EDC&Chamber (undersubscribed) $250.00 $250.00 Rockford Chamber of Commerce $198.00 $200.00 Other / Misc $101.00 $200.00 Legal $20.00 $100.00 Internet registration $0.00 $10.00 Strategic Planning Event $113.00 $0.00 Total $5,327.00 $6,560.00 Surplus / (Deficit) $2,628.00 $640.00 N  E X T   R O C K F O R D
  26. 26. Next Rockford 101 TWENTY TEN Photo courtesy of Tom Holoubek/RHS NEXT ROCKFORD N  E X T   R O C K F O R D