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Hackathon HACK.DATA.KI.BOTS - Pitch "IrgendwasmitZ"

Wir verschwenden in unserem Arbeits- und Privatleben viel Zeit damit Informationen zu suchen. Auf dem Weg zur richtigen Information nehmen wir dabei viel unnütze Informationen auf.

Als Lösung für diese Problem wurde ein ChatBot gebaut, der dem Nutzer automatisch Suchvorschläge zu Themen präsentiert. Das Ranking der Ergebnisse wird selbstlernend verbessert.

Der Nutzer teilt dem Chatbot mit, was er lernen möchte und bekommt dann individuelle Vorschläge basierend auf seinen Skills und der Zeit, die er investieren will.

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Hackathon HACK.DATA.KI.BOTS - Pitch "IrgendwasmitZ"

  1. 1. Problem ● Knowing how to search for and find the “right” information for any given task is difficult and time consuming. ● We spend a great deal of time in our academic lives/careers searching for articles, tutorials, literature, videos, etc.. ● Often we read/watch a lot of irrelevant content before arriving at “useful” content.
  2. 2. Solution ● Automatic, ranked learning content specific web page suggestor chatbot
  3. 3. C3Pbot
  4. 4. Why C3Pbot? ● Finding relevant information is made easy through the interactive communication interface. ● No more hours of Google searches to find what you were looking for. ● With Smart Recommendations you find what you were searching for in seconds. Actually, C3Pbot does the searching, allowing you to focus on what matters the most: investing more time in learning.
  5. 5. Features ● With the Smart Planner and Reminder C3Pbot adapts to your schedule. ● C3Pbot asks you how much time you have and filters content relevant to your time constraints. ● With advanced Machine Learning, C3Pbot learns with you. ● Our k-Nearest-Neighbor algorithm takes into consideration keyphrases, text readability, text reading time, and similar user histories.
  6. 6. Business Value ● User data ● Data analysis ● (Paid) recommendations