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CWA ad

  1. 1. A message from the men and women working to bring broadband to everyone. The Communications Workers of America and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers commend the Obama Administration and Congress for moving ahead on a much needed plan to bring high-speed broadband access to all and restore the standing of the United States as an Internet leader. We strongly support an open Internet and have been in the forefront of the debate calling for full deployment of broadband. The Federal Communications Commission has announced that it is preparing to issue a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on policies relating to the Internet. The Commission undertakes this rulemaking at a time of nearly 10 percent unemployment. It must ensure that this rulemaking does not have an adverse impact on jobs and job creation. The United States depends on private investment capital to build next-generation wireline and wireless networks, and create and maintain jobs in the industry. We cannot afford a slowdown in capital investment, similar to that which took place in the early part of this decade in response to a regulatory framework that ignored market realities. It is crucial that the Commission support the right policy mix of incentives to sustain and enhance these investments that are so critical to America’s future.