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Nextext (english vesion)


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Nextext specializes in creating products and solutions which enable businesses to deliver and bill for mobile services and content while eliminating all the technical and commercial complexities that are usually involved.

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Nextext (english vesion)

  1. 1. Mobilize your Business<br />
  2. 2. Nextext<br />First established in March 2010, Nextext ® is created with the sole purpose of providing mobile marketing expertise not yet available in the Mexican market. <br />Nextext specializes in creating products and solutions which enable businesses to deliver and bill for mobile services and content while eliminating all the technical and commercial complexities that are usually involved.<br />Our team is fully committed to offering quality innovating mobile marketing products and solutions. <br />
  3. 3. Mission, Vision & Values<br />Mission<br />Our mission is to be constantly evolving the way brands and consumers interact in the mobile ecosystem.<br />Vision<br />Our clients will entrust their mobile projects to us producing better than expected results.<br />Values<br />Our Company is in constant pursuit of excellence through our set of values:<br />• Innovation<br />• Quality<br />• Excellent Service<br />• Result Driven<br />• Creativity<br />• Competitive Edge<br />• Social Awareness<br />• Honesty<br />
  4. 4. OurCompany<br />The strength of our organization has allowed us growth in four major key areas:<br />Consulting services for companies requiring assistance starting with the conceptualization of an idea through their realization and implementation over mobile initiatives or projects<br />Development of mobile platforms and solutions in order to achieve the best interaction between companies and their customers.<br />Turn-key solution development for mobile marketing and mobile entertainment.<br />Delivery of value added services (VAS) as an aggregator company.<br />We are proud to work hand in hand with all major carriers in Mexico <br />
  5. 5. Areas of Expertise<br />In Nextext ® we help solve our customers main concerns on each of the following mobile topics:<br /> • Mobile Marketing<br /> • Mobile Entertainment<br /> • Mobile Billing<br /> • Software Development Solutions (Fingertip ®)<br />Thanks to our growing team of experts, we’ve been able to expand our list of services offered thus helping us become the most complete one-stop solution for our clients:<br />• Innovation and product development<br /> • Consulting services<br /> • Development and project management<br /> • Technology integration for new and existing requirements<br /> • Personnel Training<br /> • Technical Support <br />
  6. 6. Mobile Marketing<br />Nextext ® has extensive experience in developing mobile and SMS marketing strategies beginning with its conceptualization, followed by the design and the campaign’s deployment. We always include extensive campaign reports and feedback that help our clients and us adjust and improve upcoming campaigns.<br />Nextext  ® guarantees the possibility of creating innovative communication channels that leverage and promote brand awareness, increases sales and customer loyalty.<br />By implementing mobile marketing strategies we always look for our customers to gain benefits such as:<br /> • Lowering communication costs with their clients<br /> • Increasing efficiency and customers’ communication<br /> • Improving brand positioning<br /> • Identifying and properly segmenting their customer database<br /> • Giving your customers a sense of closeness and personal attention<br /> • Improving customer support<br />
  7. 7. Mobile Marketing<br />Key features and benefits that Nextext can provide by using mobile marketing are:<br /> • Wider Range<br /> • Viral Effect<br /> • Immediacy<br /> • Interactivity<br /> • Adaptability<br />Some examples of mobile marketing solutions available today are:<br /> • Exchange and registration codes or coupons via SMS<br /> • Branded download content<br /> • Branded mobile portals<br /> • Branded Mobile Applications<br /> • Contests and trivias via  SMS / WAP / Web<br /> • QR Codes<br /> • Micropayments <br />
  8. 8. Mobile Entertainment<br />Nextext is a leading content provider and distributer in Latin-American through a wide variety of platforms such as SMS, Web and WAP portals.<br />Our core activities:<br /> • Production and distribution of standard and premium mobile content per request and subscription model across Web and WAP portals .<br /> • Technical support to our partners and subscribers.<br /> • More than 10,000 content items like Ringtones, Wallpapers, Animations, Games, Themes, Videos. <br /> • Support interaction services like SMS Chat, Information Services, News, Alerts, Blogs, Text & Voting<br />
  9. 9. Mobile Billing<br />Our micropayment platform enables content management, distribution, delivery, report and billing to all type of mobile entertainment and information services.<br />We support various billing models:<br /> • MO-Billing<br /> • MT-Billing<br /> • Before push billing<br /> • Before download billing<br /> • After download billing<br />
  10. 10. Fingertip ® is our sister company solely dedicated to the development of new mobile marketing applications and platforms that improve the way our clients interact  with their clients by enhancing their business model and giving them a competitive edge in an ever changing mobile world. <br />Advantages of going mobile:<br /> • New revenuestreams<br /> • Anyplace and anytimeaccess<br /> • Easy client profiling and improved CRM <br /> • Excellentfeedbacksource<br /> • Helps with branding and marketing<br /> <br />Some of our services:<br /> • Application development through most programming languages. <br /> • Applicationmigrationsolutions. <br /> • Complete personalization and graphic designs. <br /> • Porting to most Value Added Services (SMS,MMS,WAP...etc)<br />
  11. 11. ConsultingServices<br />The main goal in our consulting department is to properly guide our clients through the industries technical and commercial complexities all while helping them reach their main objective.<br /> • Identify and analyze their specific needs and requirements.<br /> • Correct technology acquisition and implementation.<br /> • Developing innovative strategic plans that enable new customer affiliation.<br /> • Providing proposals and solutions in a comprehensive, practical and efficient manner.<br />Some of our services:<br /> • Consulting on conceptualization, development and deployment of any strategy or mobile initiative. <br /> • Specialized personnel training.<br /> • Equipment and technology infrastructure selection.<br /> • Networks design.<br /> • Monitoring and Project Management.<br /> • Recruitment and team assembly.<br />
  12. 12. OurProducts<br />Nextext ®has a wide range of in-house “turn-key” products and platforms, mainly focused on helping our clients to create simple mobile marketing campaigns, mobile entertainment and other mobile initiatives in a low cost and easy way. <br />
  13. 13. Nxt_connect® is our modular platform that enables mobile business capabilities, this platform is installed on-site and it’s incorporated into existing systems providing total freedom and control in their management.It also offers the ability to operate any type of content delivery campaigns between companies and their customers through its "suite” for mobile messaging over SMS, MMS, WAP and HTTP formats.With Nxt_connect  our customers could maximize the benefits by incorporating :mobile capabilities on its business units over legacy CRM & ERP platforms allowing:<br /> • Better uptake for the Increasing consumer demand.<br /> • Maximize sales, support and branding awareness.<br /> • Improve business intelligence to any department.<br /> • Management, control and delivery for digital content.<br />
  14. 14. Pinme  ®   is a web tool which enable our customers to generate one or more free "keywords" to communicate what they want via SMS text messaging. With only 150 characters the user could create a personalized message ready to be downloaded by third parties. <br />It has nationwide coverage through the major carriers in Mexico using a dedicated short code (74663). <br />It also provides a control panel that monitors all the mobile transactions and requests so the owner of each “keyword” may generate and manage a personal database for future contact or feedback.<br />Some examples of mobile campaigns using Pinme:<br />This campaign helps to provide additional information of any product or service.<br />This campaign focuses on promotions and coupons redeems. Also seeks to increase the interaction between brands and consumers.<br />This strategy helps to improve the interaction between brands and consumers by exchanging prizes.<br />
  15. 15. Txtme ®  is a very easy and friendly tool that allows our customers the ability to launch and promote mobile marketing campaigns through SMS technology by creating and selecting a better and targeted “communities” that could be more assertive and responsive than traditional campaigns.Our customers look to increase the number of followers in their community by offering timely alerts, attractive offers, promotions, digital coupons and much more.<br />In order to subscribe or “opt-in” to a community the interested party must send via SMS the published “keyword” to 89863 and may unsubscribe or “opt-out” by sending STOP at any time.<br />Txtme is available nationwide trough all major carriers using a dedicated short code (89863). <br />
  16. 16. Txtme ® takes full advantage of SMS excellent conversion rate (93%) against e-mail (13%) to offer its clients a great low-cost mobile marketing tool. <br />Txtme provides a unique, easy, fast and affordable communication channel without intermediaries between the “Community” and their recipients. <br />Some benefits:<br />
  17. 17. ValueAddedServices<br />Thanks to the connectivity and excellent business partnership with all major mobile operators, Nextext has the ability to offer a wide range of value added services over traditional voice and data solutions.<br />Our wide portfolio of value added services let us supply and manage all variety of billing transactions and content delivery for all type of mobile services and campaigns.<br />Services available:<br /> • Dedicated and Shared Short Codes<br /> • Standard and Premium Content<br /> • 2-Way Mobile Messaging<br /> • Bulk Messaging<br /> • Alerts, Hot news & Subscriptions<br /> • Multimedia messaging and MMS<br /> • WAP (Wireless Access Protocol)<br /> • Micropayments <br />
  18. 18. Contactus<br />Río Danubio 395 Ote.<br />Col. del Valle<br />San Pedro, Garza García<br />Nuevo León, México, C.P. 66220<br /><br /><br />