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First Aid Kit Tutorial / Cheat Sheet


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First Aid Kit Tutorial / Cheat Sheet

  1. 1. First Aid Kit Cheat Sheet by SpaceDuck via Aid - Box Medicine Cupboard - Adults Medicine Cupboard - ChildrenAntiseptic Wipes for Cuts and Grazes ☐ Paracetamol ☐ Paracetamol Suspension and/or ☐Finger Bandage and Applicator ☐ Ibuprofen ☐ Ibuprofen Suspension ☐20 individually wrapped, sterile Plasters of ☐ Cough Sweets ☐ Fun Plasters ☐varying sizes. Cough Syrup - Tickly - Chesty ☐ High Factor Sun Screen ☐2 large individually wrapped, non-medicated ☐ Cold Tablets ☐ Head Thermometer ☐Sterile Dressings. Antihistamines ☐ Measuring Spoon or a No Needle Dosing ☐6 medium individually wrapped, non-medicated ☐ Syringe Bug Spray ☐Sterile Dressings. Nappy Rash Cream ☐ Insect Bite Cream ☐2 sterile Eye dressings with bandages. ☐ Teething Gel ☐ Sun Screen, various factors ☐4 Triangular dressings for slings or wrapping. ☐ After Sun ☐Roll of 25mm Micropore or plaster. ☐ Emergency Box for the Car Re-hydration Tablets ☐Tubular or crepe bandage for sprains. ☐ Spare Petrol ☐ Anti-Diarrhea Tablets ☐Safety Pins of varying sizes. ☐ Spare Tyre ☐ Laxatives ☐Tweezers ☐ Jack ☐ Mouth Ulcer gel ☐Ear Thermometer ☐ Shovel ☐ Eye Drops ☐Blunt Ended Scissors. ☐ Rope ☐ Eye Wash ☐Disposable Gloves ☐ Water ☐ Ice Packs ☐Space Blanket ☐ Food ☐ Heat Pads ☐ Blankets (normal and space blankets) ☐First Aid - Precautions and Advice Healing Cream eg Sudocrem ☐ Scissors ☐In an Emergency always call for help first. Blister Plasters ☐ Safety Pins ☐All medicines and equipment should be stored in a Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel ☐ Plasters ☐safe place away from the reach of children andvulnerable adults. Antiseptic Wipes ☐All medicines and equipment should be checked for Large Bandages ☐storage instructions. Medium Bandages ☐All medicines and equipment should be checked for Triangular Bandages ☐Expiry Dates before consumption. Tubular Bandages for Sprains ☐All medicines and equipment should be checked for Gloves ☐Age Restrictions before consumption. Mouth Barriers for CPR ☐The proper Dosage should be checked for allmedications before consumption.All medications and equipment should be checkedfor Allergy Triggers and Interactions before consumption or use.Cheatographer Cheat Sheet Sponsor SpaceDuck This cheat sheet was published on 12th January, Envoy, for simple and effective bug management. 2012 and was last updated on 12th January, 2012. Try it free!