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Spsvb Developer Intro to SharePoint Search


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Developer's introduction to SharePoint Search Customization and Development.

Published in: Technology
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Spsvb Developer Intro to SharePoint Search

  1. 1. Developers Introductionto SharePoint Search SharePoint Saturday Virginia Beach Mike Oryszak January 8th, 2011
  2. 2. Practice Manager with Intellinet Microsoft SharePoint Server MVP Dev and Architect with MS stack since 1996 Working with SharePoint since 2002 Raleigh-Durham, NC Area since 1998 About Me
  3. 3. Search Overview Review of features and Concepts Search Site and Web Parts Review components of Search and Results pages Customize Search and Result pages Overview of Search API Possible Solutions Session Overview
  4. 4. Search Overview Developers Introduction to SharePoint Search
  5. 5. Crawling A scheduled activity that indexes the content, meta-data and security. Index Processed info Extremely fast compared to querying source content Search Overview
  6. 6. Managed Properties Can be used to query against a specific attribute 100+ by default, more can be added Examples: Author ContentType CreatedBy LastModifiedTime DocId FirstName Search Overview Managed Properties
  7. 7. Content Classes Searches based on Object Type Great for filtering down the potential resultset Examples: SPSPeople STS_Site STS_Web STS_list_[doccumentlibrary] * STS_listitem_[documentlibrary] * * Note name in brackets can be replaced with template name Search Overview Content Classes
  8. 8. Query Formatting Limit – 255 characters Content Classes - ContentClass:Value Managed Properties - Property:Value Logical Operators - AND, OR, NOT, +, - Relational Operators - <, >, <=, >=, <> Filename – filename:”name” File Type – filetype:value Wildcards – Property:Partial Value Example: “ContentClass:STS_Web AND Blog” Would return all Webs that have “Blog” in the meta-data. Search Overview Query Formatting
  9. 9. People Search Queries the attributes in the User Profile store Used to find individual not content Similar to content search, but not tied to a specific site Search Overview People Search
  10. 10. Search Site and Web Parts Developers Introduction to SharePoint Search
  11. 11. Search Site and Web Parts
  12. 12. All Web Parts from the Search and Results Page are available Including: Paging Results Related Queries Best Bets Statistics Summary Search Site and Web Parts Out of the Box Web Parts
  13. 13. Search Results XSLT for both Content and People can be fully customized Queries can be preset to create dynamically generated content on sites Search Site and Web Parts Out of the Box Web Parts
  14. 14. Demo! Search Site and Web Parts Out of the Box Web Parts
  15. 15. Search API Developers Introduction to SharePoint Search
  16. 16. Server Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.Query Foundation Microsoft.SharePoint.Search.Query Search API Namespaces
  17. 17. KeywordQuery – Simplified Queries Property:Value – similar to standard search in UI Search API KeywordQuery
  18. 18. FullTextSqlQuery - Supports rich, SQL-like queries SELECT <columns>FROM <content source>WHERE <conditions>ORDER BY <columns> Conditions FREETEXT() CONTAINS() Search API FullTextSqlQuery
  19. 19. Example SELECT LastName, FirstName, JobTitle, Title, accountname FROM SCOPE() WHERE ("scope" = 'People') AND CONTAINS(JobTitle, 'Manager') AND NOT CONTAINS(Department, '1099') Selects specific fields from people where JobTitle = Manager but does not include ‘1099’ because they are a contractor Search API FullTextSqlQuery
  20. 20. Demo! Search API Search API Demo
  21. 21. Uses for Search Developers Introduction to SharePoint Search
  22. 22. Rich Content Interactions Interacting with Very Large Lists & Libraries Listing Department members Content Without Site Boundaries Cross-site navigation with security trimming Aggregating content Uses for Search
  23. 23. Wrap-up Developers Introduction to SharePoint Search
  24. 24. MSDN SharePoint 2010 Resource Center Content Classes in SharePoint Search My Search Blog Posts Additional Resources
  25. 25. Questions?
  26. 26. Contact Info Blog - Twitter - @Next_Connect Email – LinkedIn -