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You + DataWarehouse      nextCoder      White Paper      Series
YO U + D ATA WARE H O U S E                        implementation of tools and process that allows                        ...
implement before Data Warehouse technology came into existence.                           D O I N EED ANOTHER S YSTEM?    ...
The most important fact that every business         of these already come with the BI tools, whichowners considering the c...
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You + Data Warehouse


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A primer on Data Warehouse for businesses who aims to grow and adapt to the increasingly data-driven world.

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You + Data Warehouse

  1. 1. You + DataWarehouse nextCoder White Paper Series
  2. 2. YO U + D ATA WARE H O U S E implementation of tools and process that allows businesses to harness their existing data, toIn this increasingly data-driven world, proactive form a solid foundation to increase efficiency --data management is no longer a luxury, it is a and a launchpad to grow.necessity. Too much is at stake when data is notmaintained purposefully and fall into the state of H OW S ERIOUS I S THIS ?chaos. A business equipped with a Data Over the past two decades, large corporationsWarehouse can prevent that from happening -- have spent billions of dollars on data marts andalso, stands to gain both in cost-cutting and warehouses. The body of knowledge that wasrevenue-increasing fronts. generated through these efforts is vast in volume. There is a good reason for this:WHAT IS A D ATA WAREHOUSE ? Business data is valuable.Lets start with what it is not. It is notsimply a Database. It goes beyond by "Realizing the Not only it is valuable toproviding much needed data visibility, potential of the owner, but it is alsocorrectibility, analysis, and alerts -- all your existing useful for the data ownersin an automated fashion. data is the customers, vendors, and first step other parties. ForA Data Warehouse brings data closer towards example: A smart businessto the side of the business that takes proactive data owner, using a Datacare of Accounting and Forecasting management" Warehouse, could offermake it a crucial tool for making customized views that isimportant, strategic business decisions. relevant and helpful to their customers; thus creating a potential new source of revenue.To put it simply, a Data Warehouse is an This revenue model was impractical toAb o u t n ex tC o d e rWe h e l p S M E ( S m a l l t o M e d i u m E n te r p r i s e s ) t o re a l i z e t h e p o te n t i a l o f t h e i r exi s t i n g b u s i n e s sd a ta t o i n c re a s e p ro f i ta b i l i t y a n d c u t c o s t s .O u r c l i e n t s s p a n s m u l t i p l e i n d u s t r y d o m a i n s , f ro m a i r l i n e t i c k e t i n g t o u t i l i t y b i l l m a n a g e m e n t .B y fo c u s i n g o n D a ta Wa re h o u s e c o n s t r u c t i o n , w e b r i d g e IT d e p a r t m e n t s w i t h d e c i s i o n m a k e r sw i t h i n a n o rg a n i za t i o n .A re yo u lo o k i n g fo r w a y s t o m a k e eve n b e t te r b u s i n e s s d e c i s i o n s ? C o n ta c t u s vi a o u rw e b s i te o r Tw i t te r : @ n ex t C o d e | © 201 3 nextCoder© 201 3 nextCoder 2
  3. 3. implement before Data Warehouse technology came into existence. D O I N EED ANOTHER S YSTEM? Most small to medium enterprises today already have a system that records transaction data. This system could be anything from a set of spreadsheets to a custom-built software. Unfortunately, understanding -- let alone analyzing -- data in the format that is stored within those systems is difficult and time-consuming. Why is that? Simply because those are designed for computers to process, which is important for the sake of data integrity, but as-is, it is not useful in helping us make decisions. Data Warehouse technology changes this. Now we are able to Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) those same data into theQuestions that a Data format that is far more condusive for us to analyze, andWarehouse Answers: to produce meaningful reports, and dashboards.1 . How is the business doing? Having a Data Warehouse give us the ability to not only2. How accurate is my forecasts? see our data better, but also to process it more efficiently (cutting the cost of manual and error-prone data3. How come the numbers do not transalation labor) and to bring more revenue into theadd up? business.4. Why some of the figures do notmake sense? H OW M UCH I S THE C OST?5. How can I show my customers An Enterprise-level Data Warehouse used to costthat I am doing a good job for hundreds of thousands of dollars to implement andthem? maintain annually. Not anymore. There are two forces that work together to make affordable, high-quality Data Warehouse a reality in todays world: 1 . The increasing awareness of the value of existing business data among small to medium enterprises 2. The maturity of Open Source software tools that allows businesss to implement and maintain a Data Warehouse without being saddled by expensive license and support contracts © 201 3 nextCoder 3
  4. 4. The most important fact that every business of these already come with the BI tools, whichowners considering the cost of a Data Warehouse helps in terms of software infrastructure but stillis represented in the chart at the center of this requires the right personnel to build the Datapage: S EVENTY- PERCENT OF THE COST OF Warehouse with.IMPLEMENTING AND MAINTAINING A D ATA WAREHOUSE With the tools in place, ETL scripts and reportsIS TO SUPPORT THE REQUIRED team of personnels. can start to be written. Again, the level ofWho are these personnels? BI Consultants, experience and best practices that the BIdatabase administrators, ETL developers, and consultant should come into play here to speedother positions that may be up the process. At this point, therequired by specific industries. personnel who will maintain the Data Warehouse should comeThe good news is that for the into the picture and start to bemajority of businesses, the Data familiar with the analytical dataWarehouse will quickly pay for model.itself once it is operational. Andwhen it matures, it will become The next and final phase is thean indispensible part of the installation of alerts and thebusiness, not unlike a physical warehouse for a maturing of the Data Warehouse which bringsbusiness that distributes goods. Is there an about the self-montoring and correcting aspects.upkeep cost? Certainly. But to run that type of Usually, by this time the business already reapedbusiness without one is simply unthinkable. the benefit of increased visibility, error detection, and automated reports and dashboards.H OW TO G ET S TARTED ? C ONCLUSIONA typical Data Warehouse implementation startswith a review of the existing data. A competent Without any doubt, one of the most usefulBI consultant -- especially the ones who have innovation in the field of enterprise systems isexperience across different industry domains -- the knowledge base of Data Warehouses designshould then be able to come up with the analytic and construction. The number of decisions thatdata model for your existing data without too are made by businesses running everyday ismuch difficulties. getting more predictive and accurate. If you have not yet considered a Data Warehouse as aNext comes the installation of the software tools part of your system, maybe it is time to have aon a server. A cloud virtual server instance second look.which is easy to acquire nowadays is a goodcandidate for hosting the Data Warehouse. Some WG 21 4.436.3232 - Call or Text© 201 3 nextCoder 4