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nextCoder Business Dashboard Whitepaper


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A whitepaper on the emergence of Business Dashboards as the preferred way to analyze data in the various departments within a company.

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nextCoder Business Dashboard Whitepaper

  1. 1. You + Business Dashboard nextCoder White Paper Series
  2. 2. YO U + B U S I N E S S D AS H B O ARD S Imagine seeing your business as an engine whose performance and condition can be monitored right in front of your eyes. That is the sort of power you can have at your fingertips when you have access to a welldesigned, and well-implemented Business Dashboard. A business equipped with Business Dashboards empowers its personnels from the Executives to the field operators, to have a better control over all operations. So they can be proactive, and never again be blindsided by unexpected changes -- which translates into higher efficiency and quality. WHAT IS A B USINESS D ASHBOARD ? comprehensive data visibility, and if implemented correctly, it allows you to tweak your business parameters -- as you have never experienced before. A Business Dashboard brings relevant information, both internal and external, closer to the minds who have to make crucial decisions daily. To put it simply, a set of Business Dashboards is part of tools and processes which enable businesses to harness any accessible data, to form a solid foundation and a launchpad for growth. "Dashboards show you what is going on both within and outside of your business" Let's start with what it is not. It is not simply a colection of fancy-looking charts, numbers and tables. It goes beyond by providing more B UT WE ALREADY H AVE REPORTS While reports allow you to assess the situation, Business Dashboards brings with it two key abilities: ‣ TO QUICKLY ANALYZE THE TRENDS Ab o u t n ex tC o d e r We h e l p b u s i n e s s e s t u r n t h e i r exi s t i n g b u s i n e s s d a ta i n t o i n c re a s e d p ro f i t s a n d c o s t s a vi n g s . B y fo c u s i n g o n D a ta Wa re h o u s e c o n s t r u c t i o n , w e b r i d g e IT d e p a r t m e n t s w i t h d e c i s i o n m a k e r s w i t h i n a n o rg a n i za t i o n . A re yo u lo o k i n g fo r w a y s t o m a k e eve n b e t te r b u s i n e s s d e c i s i o n s ? C o n ta c t u s vi a o u r w e b s i te , fo l low u s o n Tw i t te r : @ n ex tc o d e r w i l l | © 201 4 nextCoder © 201 3 nextCoder 2
  3. 3. ‣ TO INTERACT WITH THE BUSINESS VARIABLES A typical report shows you information from a single data source or dimension. It will not allow you to draw conclusion from seemingly unrelated information. A good Dashboard is a report "on steroid" because it displays multiple data points with which you can see not only a bigger picture, but a more complete one. WHO S HOULD U SE A D ASHBOARD ? There are two broad categories of Business Dashboards: ‣ S TRATEGIC D ASHBOARDS ‣ O PERATIONAL D ASHBOARDS Questions that Business Dashboards help you to answer: 1 . Is my business running as best as it could? 2. Do my personnels have the right info to perform optimally? 3. Are there any problems within my departments? 4. Which customer is more likely to buy my products? 5. How am I doing against my competitors? Dashboards are not only useful for executives or business owners (Strategic ones), it is also extremely useful when used at the departmental or field level (Operational ones). The Strategic Dashboards contain rules that that are different than Operational ones. And the closer to the business operation, the more real-time the Dashboard typically becomes. Having a Dashboard for each department within the company give you the ability to not only see your data better, but also to oversee, forecast, and to some degree, predict what is going to happen or what you should plan for, in the near future. So who should be using Business Dashboards? Everyone in the company who uses information to make decisions. H OW M UCH I S THE C OST? A Business Dashboard used to cost thousands of dollars to implement and maintain. Not anymore. With the right personnel who has the experience and knowledge to © 201 3 nextCoder 3
  4. 4. choose the right tools, a Business Dashboard can be built and maintained for way less cost today, thanks to the billions of dollars spent by large corporations on R&D that we may benefit from the results at a much smaller scale. H OW TO G ET S TARTED ? A typical Business Dashboard implementation starts with a single spreadsheet, because every business has one. A competent BI consultant, especially the one who has experiences across different industry domains, should be able to build for you a useful and working dashboards for you, then for your department heads. How would you access the dashboard? Most dashboards today are accessible online via an Internet browser. But the minimum requirement for a dashboard is that it is protected from access by unauthorized personnels. Take a quick look at the dashboard sample at the center of this page. The dashboard conveys information in a manner that is simple © 201 3 nextCoder and concise, yet makes sense for the business owner (fictitious company and data, in this case). This dashboard illustrates how we can provide a place where the user to run through what-if scenarios, also analyze the data from different dimensions and perspective. What this screenshot failed to convey is the dashboards's interactivity. C ONCLUSION Without a doubt, Business Dashboards are here to stay. The sheer time-saving over doing the traditional reports, and the insight that it provides give business owners leverage to use their own data to keep the pulse of their business right under their fingers. And most importantly, the next generation dashboards allow you to interact and tweak your business parameters, bringing you more than just insight, but also more control. If you have been thinking that spreadsheets are still sufficient for your business, it is time to have a second look at Business Dashboards. 21 4.436.3232 - Call or Text WG 4