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Meteor - building an email client


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Meteor - building an email client

  1. 1. Wim Pool Building an email Client
  2. 2. About Wim Pool ⦿ Allround developer; Java, .Net, javascript, ⦿ Started 10 jaar with CMG ⦿ Now 6 years with IHomer About IHomer ⦿ Organisation by and for software developers ⦿ Homeshoring
  3. 3. Agenda ⦿ About me ⦿ Meteor ⦿ Code Examples
  4. 4. Meteor is a complete open source platform for building web and mobile apps in pure JavaScript. ⦿ 1 december 2011, First preview Skybreak ⦿ 20 januari 2011, rename Skybreak to Meteor ⦿ 25 juli 2012, 11.2 Miljoen dollar budget ⦿ 6 mei 2013, first project in Meteor @IHomer ⦿ 28 october 2014, versie 1.0 ⦿ 31 maart 2015, versie 1.1 met Windows support ⦿ 3 april 2015, in top 10 most starred projects in Github ⦿ 19 mei 2015, 20 miljoen dollar extra funding
  5. 5. ⦿ Meteor. Meteor is a complete platform for building JavaScript apps. It's like the missing SDK for JavaScript, bringing together everything you need to build great, modern experiences for both mobile devices and the web. ⦿ Galaxy. If Meteor is what you need to build JavaScript apps, Galaxy is what you need to run and manage them at scale on top of modern containerized infrastructure, with the same delightful developer experience that you've come to expect from Meteor. ⦿ Community. The software is only half of the picture. The Meteor community is the other, equally important half. We would be nowhere without your support in building, evangelizing, and extending the platform. Meteor Development Group exists to serve and support you, so let us know how we can help, and we will listen and do our very best.
  6. 6. About Meteor Projects ⦿ Blaze: Reactive UI library ⦿ Tracker: Reactive programming made easy ⦿ DDP: Websockets-based data protocol ⦿ Livequery: Live database connectors ⦿ Full stack database drivers: Use the same database API on both client and server ⦿ IsoBuild: Unified build system for browser, server and mobile
  7. 7. Meteor is made to make web/app development simple ⦿ One language, Javascript. (Blaze, NodeJs) ⦿ One data query language (Minimongo) ⦿ Simple reactive programming (Livequery, Tracker) ⦿ Publish/Subscribe model for client <-> server data (DDP, LiveQuery) ⦿ Easy integration with many javascript client packages (Blaze, IsoBuild, Package Server) ⦿ Easy integration with many nodejs packages
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  9. 9. CODE