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What does UnPluggd mean to Entrepreneurs?


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What does UnPluggd mean to Entrepreneurs?
UnPluggd is India's Biggest startup event - and ofcourse has different appeal to different communities.

Right from geeks meetup to meeting early adopters, UnPluggd means something unique to India's Entrepreneurial community!

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What does UnPluggd mean to Entrepreneurs?

  1. 1. What is Unpluggd? What Entrepreneurs say!
  2. 2. UnPluggd = Plugging Power to Entrepreneurs’ Dream!
  3. 3. UnPluggd = Steroids for Startups!
  4. 4. UnPluggd = The Doers Behind the Scenes
  5. 5. UnPluggd = Geekovation
  6. 6. UnPluggd = Access to early adopters
  7. 7. UnPluggd = India’s Answer to Demo
  8. 8. UnPluggd = Networking
  9. 9. UnPluggd = Unmatched Ecosystem for startups
  10. 10. Join us on 7th July. Block your seat at