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Selling SAAS To Indian Businesses

Selling SAAS To Indian Businesses, A Presentation by Chaitanya, Chief Innovation Officer of Ozonetel.

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Selling SAAS To Indian Businesses

  1. 1. Diary of a Wimpy Salesman Selling to businesses in India
  2. 2. Build and they will come- Slowly. Very Very Slowly
  3. 3. Team Composition-It’s a Family ● Hunters & Farmers ● Inside sales ● Partners ● Head>RMs>ASMs
  4. 4. Some Important Rules ● Learn to say no ● Learn to say yes ● NDAs don’t matter ● Freemium is tough ● Take money upfront o Annual Contracts are gold
  5. 5. Competition
  6. 6. Hacking Sales ● Create artificial demand ● Catch them early ● Have hierarchies ● Discount ● Demo videos Note: None of this should be applied if our sales guys come to you.
  7. 7. Our report card
  8. 8. Unpluggd AmA Twitter:@nutanc