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Illumos la-jan11

  1. 1. illumos tm - update Garrett D'Amore Tech Lead, illumos
  2. 2. What's In A Name illumos = illum + OS = “Light + OS” Light as in coming from the Sun OS as in Operating System Note: “illumos” is all lower case “illumos” is a trademarked name
  3. 3. What Is “illumos”? The natural descendent of OpenSolaris Building upon 20 years of Solaris legacy SVR4.2 and POSIX/SUS heritage Community project Centered around the core part of the operating system (“ON”)
  4. 4. Original Rationale Critical components of OpenSolaris are not open source. Internationalized bits (much of libc) NFS lock manager Parts of crypto Various drivers
  5. 5. Challenges to Downstream Downstream consumers can't self support without open source Nexenta, Greenbytes, Belenix, Milax, EON, Joyent, etc. Concern about discontinuing source updates Seems prophetic in retrospect
  6. 6. New Motivations OpenSolaris is dead Oracle open source commitment Oracle priorities Uncertainty about Solaris future New opportunities New innovation
  7. 7. Why Solaris/OpenSolaris? World class tech ZFS, DTrace, Crossbow, Zones, etc. Bulk of code is open Outstanding code quality World class engineers Inventors of ZFS, slab allocator, and DTrace Awesome community of enthusiasts Vibrant ecosystem
  8. 8. The illumos Project Derivative of OS/Net This is the foundation of Oracle Solaris Fork starting with last code drop from Oracle (b147+) 100% ABI compatible with Solaris ON Make all code open source Not quite there yet, but making progress!
  9. 9. Innovation and illumos We intend to the be a center, perhaps the center of innovation for Solaris tech We no longer have to worry about merging! Already have some innovations integrated Signficant innovativations in the pipe illumos as the “upstream” for Solaris?
  10. 10. illumos Components Illumos-gate is just ON Focused on “Core Foundation Blocks” Flagship project for illumos Other projects hosted Umbrella organization OpenIndiana distribution Other distros? Other consolidations? Affiliated projects?
  11. 11. The illumos Community Independent from Oracle/Solaris No corporate master Identity belongs to the community Major sponsors: Nexenta, Reliant Security Others lining up Community governed and run Distributed resources Meritocracy “Just enough” governance
  12. 12. The illumos Cast Existing OpenSolaris community Very large audience Growing set of active contributors Many community leaders Anyone can join in Contributors world wide We have critical mass
  13. 13. illumos Community Partners
  14. 14. The 800 Pound Gorilla We did not intend to compete with Solaris An open invitation to Oracle stands So far no communication from Oracle And no acknowledgement either We don't expect any further collaboration
  15. 15. Who Shut off the Water? Source code updates for ON disabled Only affects ON so far No further updates expected Apparently collaboration prohibited Oracle's obligations are very limited Code contributed under SCA or CDDL
  16. 16. Fork Implications Oracle created the fork The spork is dead “Fork off!” We have to do our own sustaining Challenging yes, but... We have critical mass, Vendor support More help certainly desired!
  17. 17. Freedom to Innovate Thank you very much Oracle We no longer need be slave to Oracle No significant concerns to merging But still want to retain 100% ABI and API backwards compatibility New APIs coming New innovations coming
  18. 18. Licensing Implications CDDL 1.0 is the preferred license May change in the future BSD or MIT are OK if importing from elsewhere No special benefits for Oracle or anyone else SCA requirement still pending Probably no copyright assignment But still some legal protections
  19. 19. Foundation Working with Eben Moglen and the Software Freedom Law Center Pursuing membership in a “conservancy” initially Expect to be own 501(c)3 eventually
  20. 20. Administrative Council Executive branch for Foundation Initially appointed Garrett D'Amore, chief exec. 6 other community members Non-source code matters only Resource management Identity, etc. Will likely change as part of conservancy
  21. 21. Developer Council Purely technical body PSARC-- much lighter on formal process Initial membership Garrett D'Amore, tech lead Bryan Cantrill, Jim Carlson, Adam Leventhal, Rich Lowe Meritocracy Consensus driven
  22. 22. Integration Rules Usual quality rules similar to ON Cstyle, lint, code review, testing Light weight CRT/RTI process Advocates Garrett D'Amore, Albert Lee, Rich Lowe, Gordon Ross More soon! (Merit based) Developers integrate their own code After getting RTI approval Anyone can become a developer!
  23. 23. Distributions Illumos is not a distribution Just a code base, similar to the Linux kernel Plus a bunch of utilities, libraries, etc. OpenIndiana is the “popular” distro But, no special favoritism to OI Just the most popular at present Packaging is a distribution choice But we maintain meta data in IPS manifests
  24. 24. Supported Hardware x86 and amd64 Not all devices though! VMware and VirtualBox SPARC Others?
  25. 25. Progress So Far Fully open libc Base locale support 158 locales, 68 languages, 117 territories Some device drivers Many formerly closed POSIX utilities Fully open crypto It boots and is very usable Still relies on some closed bits
  26. 26. The Road to 1.0 NFS/CIFS lock manager In progress Trusted extensions (labeld) Maybe More drivers A couple of utilities remaining
  27. 27. Getting Involved Lots of opportunities to help! Coding Testing Documentation Localization SysAdmin Marketing
  28. 28. Sneak Peak NexentaStor 4.0 will be based on illumos iSCSI UNMAP Improved ZFS/FMA/SMART integration Improved CIFS interoperability pNFS v4.1 ZFS support for TRIM/UNMAP ZFS QoS Enhanced multitenancy support WORM support at ZFS layer Enhanced protocol and device support
  29. 29. Jobs Jobs Jobs A number of employers are hiring for illumos work Nexenta is hiring kernel and filesystem engineers
  30. 30. Community Interactions
  31. 31. Branding Website updates pending Branding for swag... contact me for use More updates coming soon...
  32. 32. Resources Websites - main website - mercurial source Mailing lists [email_address] [email_address] #illumos
  33. 33. Demonstration and Questions
  34. 34. Thank you!