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Making the most of Email Marketing


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Making the most of Email Marketing

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Making the most of Email Marketing

  1. 1. email marketing making the most of By – newzapp email marketing copyright DestiNet
  2. 2. what is newzapp email marketing? copyright DestiNet newzapp has been trading since 1998 newzapp provides email marketing to over 1,000 users newzapp is one of the top UK email marketing providers newzapp provides expert advice and guidance in email marketing
  3. 3. what is email marketing? “The process of delivering relevant, engaging and timely marketing messages about your products and services to a pre-defined group of recipients via electronic mail.” email marketing copyright DestiNet
  4. 4. what’s involved in email marketing? design reporting data delivery copyright DestiNet
  5. 5. stage 1 - data the key areas of data: your current database building databases how much should you collect? segmentation copyright DestiNet
  6. 6. BAD DATA your database if you haven’t cleaned it today - it’s out of date! every time you send you should clean focus on quality not quantity full data and clean can you group it in some way? we’ll come back to segmentation lose the bad data even if they’re customers bad data e.g bounces need to be deleted or corrected 1 32 x copyright DestiNet
  7. 7. building a database web sign-up form - easy to find - offer benefit - easy to use - non intrusive opt-in from your contact form face-to-face data collection viral database building – forward to a friend or colleague to buy or not to buy… don’t know what to buy, then don’t! “collect data every time you make contact; both online or offline” drive traffic to form – print, announcements, POS, on emails (forwards) copyright DestiNet
  8. 8. collection and segmentation how much should you collect? segmentation enough but not too much … only what you’ll use or need greed causes drop outs – split your collection starting with “must have” ensure your data collection supports your segmentation 1 2 3 4 segmentation should lead to targeting you can segment based on… demographic, geography, behaviour, life cycle and more copyright DesitNet
  9. 9. stage 2 - design subject line and ‘from’ coding text and image balance call to action spam filters expectation vs. experience above the fold types of email copyright DesitNet
  10. 10. first impressions count subject line ‘from’ details above the fold - fit the preview screen - most important info first - introduce content - engage the reader - avoid personalisation? - first thing they see on left - most recognisable - brand or person - check images on and off - easy to see who its from - call to action / Johnson box - ask to add you to safe list - link to online version first to be seen? copyright DesitNet
  11. 11. example from my inbox GOOD BAD • use of Johnson box at top • view online link at top • explains what included • image sizes missing • long subject if right hand preview • does subject need to repeat brand copyright DesitNet
  12. 12. coding in your email coding CSS (cascading style sheets) or ‘in-line’ styles test in all major clients – Hotmail, Yahoo!, Outlook 03/07, AOL, Lotus Notes, Google go to an email specialist or visit avoid – forms, javascript, high end CSS optimise for preview panes approx 600 pixels wide always include width and height on images to avoid suppression issues copyright DesitNet
  13. 13. text to image balance how will your email look without images or in a text only format? normally you’ll want a 70% - 30% balance in favour of text too much text is boring, too many images risk being junked or deleted try to avoid over using images at the top of the email - remember the fold copyright DesitNet
  14. 14. spam filters spam filters what they look for… - phrases - coding - header structure - phishing - image/text balance - reputation ISP filter corporate filter inbox filter some phrases, words and styles to watch out for … (visit ) ‘FREE’ ‘HOT’ ‘CLICK HERE’ BOLD TEXT ‘STOCK’ ‘ENHANCED’ SHOUTING ( using all caps ) very large & very small text font colour copyright DesitNet
  15. 15. call to action and expectations if you don’t ask you wont get! position in top, middle and bottom use both text and image based links is your call to action realistic and enticing? expectations vs. experiences call to action does the experience meet the expectation? no prizes for surprises! this runs from collection point, through delivery and into response take everyone on a journey copyright DesitNet
  16. 16. an example from our inbox sign-up email landing page benefit opt-in easy / quick clear design clear message CTA no benefit? fits with email follows the flow takes me along journey
  17. 17. types of email short editorial long editorial short promotional long promotional alerts, press releases, tip of the day or week and product launches - these messages are short and to the point. - they inform your subscribers about news and tips - the content should be focused on editorial rather than promotion - a suggested balance is around 70% editorial 30% promotion. “THIS IS NOT A SALES HAMMER” email newsletters, long press releases and industry guides - allows you to write a little bit more - many companies choose to send long form editorial to customers & prospects. - this is not a sales pitch - you can utilise space to promote offers and buying information. e-cards, sale announcement and reminders. - keep this type of email short and sweet. - the aim is to get the reader off the email as quick as possible - take one key message and promote it. - must have a clear benefit to the recipient. sales letter and catalogue email. - allows you to present many benefits of your product or service. - also allows you to present many products on one email. - ideal for products or services that require more explanation. - direct sales driven so your copy should reflect this. copyright DesitNet
  18. 18. stage 3 – campaign delivery the key areas of delivery: when to deliver? how to deliver copyright DesitNet
  19. 19. when to deliver and how always send from a white listed, recognised server with feedback loops when to deliver EmailLabs analysis: • about 80 percent of email opened between 5 am and 5 pm • roughly 62 percent opened between Tuesday and Thursday • business customers most likely to open during working day • personal email accounts are often checked during the day how B2B Tue – Thurs 10am - 4pm B2C test to see if you’re unsure go to a specialist ESP for delivery consider time to deliver when do you want the traffic? copyright DesitNet
  20. 20. and finally…5 things you must remember be relevant: if it’s not, you won’t succeed you’re not Barry Scott: HI IM BARRY SCOTT… no you’re not email data goes out of date: clean regularly, use it or lose it don’t be afraid: try new things, don’t worry about unsub – test everything an email lives forever: once it’s out there, it’s out there shouting can get you junked ( try not to look spammy ) copyright DesitNet
  21. 21. our top ten email marketing tips 1. try to avoid the early morning inbox clutter by sending during the day 2. avoid underlining text if it’s not a link. It’s easy to confuse the reader 3. use an online signup form on your website to collect new opt in contacts 4. always use an automated opt-out system similar to the one newzapp provides 5. test, test, test. The key to finding the right design styles and campaign delivery techniques is to test everything. Test one thing at a time to aid monitoring 6. some recipients cannot receive HTML. It’s important to use a mix of text and images to give the text only recipients something to read. 7. the best response comes from opt-in lists that are built in-house. We strongly encourage you to do this. We offer all new customers an online sign-up tool that will allow people to sign up from your website 8. always have a proof group. Never send an email without sending a proof first. You’ll be surprised what you can miss. Ask your proof group to check links, spellings and email rendering 9. use email marketing to communicate with existing customers. They’re a great source of repeat business 10. use a forward to a friend feature to encourage recipients to share with friends and colleagues copyright DesitNet
  22. 22. find out more about newzapp there are three great ways to find out more about newzapp: 1. call us on 0845 612 5544 2. click the live chat option on our website 3. visit our website at take a trial of newzapp and see the power of email marketing…. copyright DesitNet
  23. 23. Useful information Keep yourself up-to-date with the latest news by doing the following: Sign-up to the newzapp “UK Email Marketing” newsletter at: Check out our resource hub which has everything you need make the most of your email marketing: Visit: