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NewyorkSys is one of the leading top IT Training and Consulting Company in US, with a good placement track record. We have certified trainers. We will provide Online Training, Fast Track online training, with job assistance Courses : SAP Technologies,Dataware housing Tools , OralceTechnologies,SAS,JAVA,.NET,BA .. etc.
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SAP PLM Training and Placement Assistance By

  2. 2. Introduction to SAP PLM Product Lifecycle Management is a collection of solutions that can be used to digitally create and maintain product information to be made available to the entire organization at any point of time. It provides all needed information about the complete product and asset life cycle through the extended supply chain, thereby ensuring legal compliance. Call : +1-718-305-1757, +1-718-313-0499 E – Mail :
  3. 3. Why do we need PLM? To harness the creativity and expertise of internal resources and external partners to quickly turn concepts and ideas into successful products To manage product innovation and new product development, production ramp-up, product change management and maintenance To transfer, track, and control product and asset information throughout the extended supply chain to ensure speed, quality, efficiency, and ultimately profitability Call : +1-718-305-1757, +1-718-313-0499 E – Mail :
  4. 4. Phases of SAP PLMBasically, there are 6 key phases in New Product Introduction in the market.Phase 1: Customer Needs IdentificationVarious market researches and surveys identify the needs of a customer in an ever-changing market, which presents an opportunity for an organization to introduce anew product to the market.Phase 2: ConceptBased on the research in Phase 1, the needs of the customer are identified and a basicconcept of a new product/niche is created.Phase 3: DesignThis is the pre-production phase, where the various features of the new product aretested, verified and streamlined. The various costs of production are identified in thisphase.Phase 4: Product ImplementationA base model of the product is configured and then sent for mass production.Phase 5: Market IntroductionThe product is introduced to the market.Phase 6: Obsolete productThe product has run its life cycle in the market and it is finally time to introduceanother product to the market, thus beginning another phase of NPI.
  5. 5. Benefits of PLM Provides effective and efficient internal operational processes Integrated approach to introducing a new product Internal collaboration of all functional groups using collaborative tools such as cFolders Traceability of new products and changes throughout the lifecycle Streamlined NPI processes and reduced cycle time Reduced cost of operations Incremental revenue due to early introduction of new products Reduced time to market Product optimization Improved product quality Call : +1-718-305-1757, +1-718-313-0499 E – Mail :
  6. 6. Important Sub-modules of SAP PLM The following are the key sub-modules defined in the SAP application map above: Master Data: contains the core information about a new product, such as Bill of Materials Document Management System Engineering Change Management: This is a part of the life-cycle data management Classification cFolders: Collaboration folders shared by customer and various teams involved cProjects: Collaboration projects shared by customer and various teams involved for new product introduction Call : +1-718-305-1757, +1-718-313-0499 E – Mail :
  7. 7. PLM Architecture
  8. 8. ABOUT NEWYORK SYS – IT SOLUTIONS NewyorkSys is one of the leading top IT Training and Consulting Company in US, with a good placement track record. We have certified trainers. We will provide Online Training, Fast Track online training, with job assistance We are providing excellent Training in all courses. Faculty from top MNC’s with highly skilled domain expertsaise will train & guide you with real time examples , project explanation . We also help you in resume preparation and provide job assistance till you get job. For more details visit our website :
  9. 9. Newyorksys Placement ProcessCall : +1-718-305-1757, +1-718-313-0499E – Mail :
  10. 10. CONTACT US For Additional Assistance , Course Details, Batch Scheduling Information , Mail us , you may contact to below address NewyorkSys Inc., 15 Roaring Brook Rd, Chappaqua, NY 10514. USA : +1-718-313-0499 USA : +1-718-305-1757 E-Mail ID : Visit :