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SAP BPC 10 Online Training and Placement Assistance By


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NewyorkSys is one of the leading top IT Training and Consulting Company in US, with a good placement track record. We have certified trainers. We will provide Online Training, Fast Track online training, with job assistance Courses : SAP Technologies,Dataware housing Tools , OralceTechnologies,SAS,JAVA,.NET,BA .. etc.
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SAP BPC 10 Online Training and Placement Assistance By

  1. 1.  SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation (formerly OutlookSoft) is a corporate performance management tool that can cater for all types of planning and forecasting, from simple small processes to complex multi layer processes, while also providing consolidation and easy to use reporting. SAP BPC offers a robust, multiuser platform, which is fully integrated with Microsoft Excel. Initially leveraging off the power of Microsoft SQL Server and Analysis Services there is now another version that uses SAP Netweaver as its back-end database. Although similar, especially to the end user, these two versions of the product do offer different functionalities Call : +1-718-305-1757, +1-718-313-0499 E – Mail :
  2. 2.  Multi-Dimensional The multi-dimensional nature allows users to “slice and dice” the data according their needs. Dynamic As SAP BPC utilises OLAP technology, this means that data is available as soon as it has been entered – no need to aggregate data! Workflow Management Enables an organisation to keep track of its progress through a budget/forecasting process Unified Whilst other software requires different modules to do consolidation or forecasting, SAP BPC handles these within a single software product. Integrated with Microsoft Office Embedded in Microsoft Excel, with the ability to report directly in to corporate Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents. Zero footprint Option Using the Web portal, data can be accessed and reports shared without the need to install the client add-ins (or even have Microsoft office installed!) Store Comments SAP BPC allows the user to store commentary against any data point in the application
  3. 3.  SAP BPC provides a full-fledged environment for organizations to create flexible and powerful applications for different types of planning. It can also be used for consolidating and reporting financial data to satisfy your organization’s legal requirements. SAP BPC provides an environment to report the financial results of your entire organization. You can use it to determine the financial health of the company as a whole, after taking into account the currency translations, elimination of intercompany transactions, and other necessary adjustments. Consolidation provides the means for internal and external enterprise reporting of a company’s financial data. When the reporting is external, it serves the objective of statutory compliance, also known as legal consolidation. Internal reporting is also called management consolidation. This provides more latitude and flexibility in defining the methods used for consolidating data. The objective of this type of consolidation is to provide you with the necessary tools for decision-making Call : +1-718-305-1757, +1-718-313-0499 E – Mail :
  4. 4.  Legal and management consolidation : The application provides a systematic process to perform legal consolidation. You can also perform management consolidation using different sets of data to highlight different scenarios for management, as well as parallel consolidations with different categories of data and using different accounting principles. Accuracy : The design of the application’s system for consolidation enables the consolidation process to run in a controlled manner, with the ability to perform checks and balances along the way. This mitigates any errors during the process and ensures the completeness and accuracy of the data. Multiple source systems : You can compile financial data from various source systems into a single system for the purpose of consolidation. Reporting : You can generate reports based on consolidated data, which you can then use as a tool for measuring the organization’s performance. The reports allow you to view key metrics such as return on equity, ROI, and so on. Validation of data : You can analyze different sources of data used to generate the consolidated data to ensure that the data is valid and reliable. You can also reconcile the data in the application with the source system, facilitating reliability.
  5. 5. Call : +1-718-305-1757, +1-718-313-0499E – Mail :
  6. 6. Call : +1-718-305-1757, +1-718-313-0499E – Mail :
  7. 7.  Business planning Budgeting Sales/revenue planning Capital expenditure planning Headcount/staffing Expense planning Cash flow planning Consolidation Intercompany matching/reconciliation Intercompany eliminations Management roll-ups Legal consolidationCall : +1-718-305-1757, +1-718-313-0499E – Mail :
  8. 8.  NewyorkSys is one of the leading top IT Training and Consulting Company in US, with a good placement track record. We have certified trainers. We will provide Online Training, Fast Track online training, with job assistance We are providing excellent Training in all courses. Faculty from top MNC’s with highly skilled domain expertsaise will train & guide you with real time examples , project explanation . We also help you in resume preparation and provide job assistance till you get job. For more details visit our website :
  9. 9. Call : +1-718-305-1757, +1-718-313-0499E – Mail :
  10. 10.  For Additional Assistance , Course Details, Batch Scheduling Information , Mail us , you may contact to below address NewyorkSys Inc., 15 Roaring Brook Rd, Chappaqua, NY 10514. USA : +1-718-313-0499 USA : +1-718-305-1757 E-Mail ID : Visit :