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SAP BASIS Online Training


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SAP BASIS is an Integral SAP skill integrated by SAP run companies. Most, if not all SAP run companies use SAP Basis as a tool to run their SAP Databases, manage their SAP Databases, and design their SAP Databases.

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SAP BASIS Online Training

  1. 1. SAP Basis FunctionsCall : +1-718-305-1757, +1-718-313-0499E – Mail :
  2. 2. Learning Objectives• What the Basis system is• How does SAP handle a transaction request• Differentiating between the various work processes• Understanding the basic functions of the Basis Module Call : +1-718-305-1757, +1-718-313-0499 E – Mail :
  3. 3. The Software-Oriented View of R/3Call : +1-718-305-1757, +1-718-313-0499E – Mail :
  4. 4. The SAP R/3 System Architecture• Implications for Application Programming• Separate presentation and application layers implies that when you run an application program that requires user interaction, control of the program is continually passed backwards and forwards between layers.• When a screen is ready for user input, the presentation layer is active, and the application server is inactive with regard to that particular program.• As a consequence, the program logic in an application program that occurs between two screens is known as a DIALOG STEP. Call : +1-718-305-1757, +1-718-313-0499 E – Mail :
  5. 5. Basis Functions• Hardware and Database Administration• User and Security Administration• Client Maintenance• Correction and Transport System (CTS)• Data Dictionary• Online Service System (OSS)• Performance Monitoring and Tuning Call : +1-718-305-1757, +1-718-313-0499 E – Mail :
  6. 6. Hardware and Database Administration• Hardware upgrades - adding memory or servers• Database backup and recovery• Database optimization• Disaster Recovery Call : +1-718-305-1757, +1-718-313-0499 E – Mail :
  7. 7. Client Maintenance• Create clients• Copy and refresh clients• Client imports and exports• Delete and remove clients• Modify change options Call : +1-718-305-1757, +1-718-313-0499 E – Mail :
  8. 8. Performance Monitoring and Tuning• Check database usage and storage capabilities• Dialog response time• Investigate ABAP short dumps• Optimize performance characteristics Call : +1-718-305-1757, +1-718-313-0499 E – Mail :
  9. 9. Computer Center Management System (CCMS) functions• Starting and stopping instances• Monitoring and analyzing workload• Alert capabilities• Operation modes and work process automatic reconfiguration• Instance profile checking and maintenance• Logon load balancing Call : +1-718-305-1757, +1-718-313-0499 E – Mail :
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  11. 11. CONTACT US• For Additional Assistance , Course Details, Batch Scheduling Information , Mail us , you may contact to below address• NewyorkSys Inc., 15 Roaring Brook Rd, Chappaqua, NY 10514. USA : +1-718-313-0499 USA : +1-178-305-1757 E-Mail ID : Visit :