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Culinary schools in New York PDF

  1. 1. -1 Culinary Schools in New YorkQuick PDF about Culinary Schools in New York
  2. 2. Considering Attending a Culinary ArtsSchools in New York? If so…You should thoroughly research the top culinaryschools in New York when you have decided topursue a career in the culinary arts industry. Choosingthe right school will be as important to your career asthe skills you will learn in the field. With nearly 70choices in New York alone, you need to not onlyknow what you want in a good school but also knowwhat each school has to offer in order to find the bestfit.Top Culinary Schools in New YorkFor instance, the French Culinary Institute is
  3. 3. among the top schools in New York. This school isaccredited by the Accrediting Commission of CareerSchools and Colleges of Technology and it offers avariety of classes such as The Art of InternationalBread Baking, Classic Culinary Arts, ClassicCulinary or Pastry Arts with Front of House Trainingand Classic Pastry Arts. However, if you want tochoose a school based on the likelihood you will behired, you should try the Culinary Institute ofAmerica because most employers prefer thesegraduates.Culinary Schools That Focus onCulinary Arts Plus More…You may also want to look at schools that do notfocus exclusively on the culinary arts, especially ifyou plan to run a business. The Culinary Academyof Long Island is not only accredited by theAccrediting Commission of Career Schools andColleges of Technology but also has membership invarious organizations including the AmericanCulinary Federation Foundation, American Hotel andLodging Association and National RestaurantAssociation among others.These types of associations are ideal when you
  4. 4. consider the networking possibilities. You can alsoconsider the benefits of the many career programs theCulinary Academy of Long Island offers includingCommercial Cooking, Hotel and RestaurantManagement, Professional Cooking and ProfessionalPastry and Baking. With these programs, you openyourself to many career possibilities includingcatering, managing a hotel restaurant and evenworking in a school district in which you must decideupon the criteria for school breakfast and lunchprograms.The Natural Gourmet CookingSchool: Organic and Health FoodIndustryOf course, you may also want a curriculum thatfocuses on proper cooking techniques. With this inmind, you can look at schools like The NaturalGourmet Cooking School that concentrates onteaching students the proper procedures and uses ofkitchen equipment and utensils to help them becomechefs. Not only do you learn all there is to knowabout identifying ingredients, but you also acquire
  5. 5. other useful skills such as learning to select them andlearning how to handle them.In fact, The Natural Gourmet Cooking School has arecognized Chef’s Training Program that focusesprimarily on vegetarian cooking in addition to fishand organic poultry products. Through this program,you learn to make meals that are high in complexcarbohydrates and fiber. You will also use theminimal amount of dairy products and use no whitesugar at all. In other words, this program is ideal ifyou are interested in getting in on the organic andhealth food industry.You Just Can’t Go Wrong in NewYork, When It Comes To CulinaryArts…There are many factors that can determine what arethe top culinary schools in New York because thesefactors will depend upon what you really need from aprogram. You may need to find a school thatconcentrates on the actual preparing and handling offood or a program that focuses on the businessaspect. In either case, New York is one of the mostideal spots in the world for culinary school.
  6. 6. For more information on culinary schools in NewYork such as French Culinary Institute, Institute ofCulinary Education, Lecole French CulinaryInstitute, Miette Studio, and more, consider our mainblog for reading!