Allahabad Maha Kumbh stampede tragedy leads to 39 deaths


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India is the holy place! Now the time is Allahabad Maha Kumbh fair which is going on till 10th March. Some special days for a holy dip in the Sangam, decided by our respectable sage.

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Allahabad Maha Kumbh stampede tragedy leads to 39 deaths

  1. 1. Allahabad Maha Kumbh stampede tragedy leads to 39 deaths:I want to catch your attention please! If 30 million people come and take a bath in the river at thesame time and also want to back home on the same day, then think about it, what will happen tothe platform?Now a days people don’t have any patience, everyone want to do their work quickly. But the firststair of holiness is Patience. So I can say that the incident on the Sunday night at the AllahabadRailway Station is shameful for every Indian. And anywhere, we all are responsible for its mis-happening.Here we discuss some facts about the Allahabad Stampede:10th February Sunday night at the Allahabad railway station is very dark night for some people.In this incident many people injured, many are missing and 39 dead. Just imagine the 30 millionpeople camping in the area of 4 by 8 kilometers field.Many travelers who stay at the Allahabad station to catch train to go back to the home-The population is too much but the train, seats and berths are limited, but everyone wants tocatch the train. All the tourist jumped onto the first available train whether they reserved or not,just ticket or no ticket.Head of the Kumbh Mela Organizing Committee, Azam Khan regrets over this incident andresigned. He says, that “the incident took place at the railway station which was out of hispurview.” This statement totally shows that our government also not properly managed thewhole event. Everyone knows that the Kumbh Mela start from the railway station so thegovernment must be aware for starting point.220 special trains will be arranged to Allahabad to clear the excess population of travelers whostrying to leave the city after the dip in the Sangam (Maha Kumbh). But these trains are notsufficient for reducing the crowds on the platform. So the somewhere the government alsoresponsible for this Black Sunday.Indian Railway Minister Mr. Pawan Bansal said “all arrangements had been made in Allahabadand all things had been proceeding according to plan, until the stampede had occurred.”This year, there was a major and unpredictable change in the magnitude of passengers with thecapacity not growing in the same ratio.We are offering the wonderful, relaxing, hassle free tour packages in India like Golden TriangleTours, Indian Golden Triangle Tours included other famous Indian places. We also providethe hill station tours and Ladakh trekking.