Choose Applicant Tracking Software that Promotes Hiring Manager Adoption


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Applicant Tracking Software: How to Choose Recruiting Software to Promote Hiring Manager Adoption

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Choose Applicant Tracking Software that Promotes Hiring Manager Adoption

  1. 1. Choose Applicant Tracking Software that Promotes Hiring Manager Adoption Posted: May 14th, 2012 | Author: Newton Software | Filed under: Applicant Tracking Software, Applicant Tracking Software Reviews, Corporate Recruiting, Recruiting Advice, User Adoption, choosing recruiting software ©Newton Software 2012 Here’s a tip. Forget about the feature checklists. Focus on the biggestconcept, hiring manager adoption. For buyers of corporate applicant tracking software, there arevery few other fundamental concepts that matter more. If your managers willingly use theplatform to request and initiate approvals, you’ve zapped antiquated paper processes and createda layer of exception management that can only exist in a digital environment. Even moreimportantly, if hiring managers consistently help drive the yes and no decisions that drivetoday’s hiring programs and do so quickly and easily, it’s a huge win for you and yourorganization.Here’s another reason to focus on hiring manager adoption as key concept driving your ATSshoice. If you’re like most HR and recruiting leaders, metrics have become the front and centertopic. If you are going to get budget approval for a new ATS, trust me, the executives are goingto want reports. In the end, if the recruiting and HR users are the only ones using the system, it’sonly logical that the system will capture metrics exclusively from administrative users. Thiswon’t yield helpful insights without significant data manipulation (you know, buildingspreadsheets by hand on Fridays). Only when hiring managers are consistently using an ATSwill you be able to get holistic recruiting performance metrics that will help you automaticallygenerate reports and have the knowledge to pinpoint bottlenecks and areas for improvement.As you create your ATS shortlist, ask yourself: what system will garner the most adoptionamongst all of my users? What system is the easiest to use, easiest to activate and will be theeasiest to roll out to new managers and interviewers joining the organization every week? Mostimportantly, whether or not your hiring managers will adopt an ATS isn’t even a questionanymore. Hiring manager adoption is no longer a nice benefit. It’s not a feature. Hiring manageradoption is a must.Here are 5 tips to help you choose applicant tracking software that will promote HiringManager adoption.1. Hiring managers don’t care about the technology. What counts is what it does for them.2. Shop for usability. You won’t make ATS software easier to adopt by shopping for the mostfeatures.3. Hiring managers loathe software training. Any ATS that requires extensive training will onlybe adopted by a small number of users.4. Remember, only features that provide a good user experience will be used. Expectingmanagers to login proactively and complete a task is unrealistic.5. The 80/20 rule applies to user adoption. Choose an ATS that does well what 80 percent ofyour hiring managers do all the time. Hint: think making reviewing resumes as simple aspossible.