Automated Job Approval features                                                                      aren’t an original id...
3. It Supplies Ultimate VisibilityIf you know one thing about Newton Software, it’s that we’re the ones who bring transpar...
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Automated Job Approval Feature


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Automated Job Approval features aren't a new thing. We've just decided it's high time that we make the job approval process better. We're excited to announce the arrival Newton's Automated Job Approval feature, latest addition to our popular corporate application tracking software.

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Automated Job Approval Feature

  1. 1. Automated Job Approval features aren’t an original idea. We just thought it was about time that we improve the requisition approval process. We’re thrilled to announce the newest release of Newton Software, Automated Job Approval. This is the most recent addition to our popular corporate applicant tracking software. This is a feature that we’ve been working on for a year, continuouslymodifying and improving. We’ll admit it; this has been the most difficult feature to design to date. Wecould have released it months ago and most vendors would have just so they could add “Job Approval”to their feature list sooner. Instead, like the rest of our upgrades, we wanted this feature to work well.3 Reasons you’ll Love Newton’s Automated Job Approval: 1. It’s Easy for Hiring Managers and Approvers We’ve learned that in order for applicant tracking software to fulfill its potential, it must accomplish something valuable without being confusing or needing multiple hours of training. Once again, we employed the 80/20 rule; we want to take the features you use 80percent of the time and do them well. This produces an improved user experience that will encouragehigher adoption. With Newton, managers simply login and request to get a job approved with just a fewsteps. When the selected job approvers receive the request through the routing process, they love thesimplicity: Green is go. Red is no. 2. It Provides Ultimate FlexibilityBecause hiring is so fluid, your applicant tracking tools need to be dynamic. Newton’s email drivenApproval process is the most flexible on the market. Some companies don’t want to change theirprocess to fit their system; they already have a ‘requisition’ outline that works well for them. They justneed a way to speed up and track the process. We do that. Other companies want to create acompletely new and automated requisition process. We do that too.
  2. 2. 3. It Supplies Ultimate VisibilityIf you know one thing about Newton Software, it’s that we’re the ones who bring transparency,visibility, and clarity to corporate recruiting programs. If you don’t know us, we’re former corporaterecruiters and understand that having visibility into all aspects of the recruiting process is not onlycrucial – it’s power. True to form, we’ve given our users a dashboard that allows them to see where alltheir requisitions are in real-time. Anything less would be extremely frustrating.Already a Newton User? Please contact our support team to enable the Automated Job ApprovalProcess starting August into Newton for your company? You should know that we may not have every feature of theother ATS systems, but the features we do have, the ones that 80% of people use all the time, are easyto use, intuitive, and work well. Let us show you, please contact us for a demo