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Introductory Lesson on Prepositions; suitable for grades 3-6; contains some animation

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  1. 1. aboard about above across after against PREPOSITION a word that shows relationship before behind below beneath beside by
  2. 2. tree The dog is under thedog tree.
  3. 3. Prepositionsabove at likeacross before nearafter behind ofagainst below offalong beyond overamong by througharound down with
  4. 4. under the treebeneath the treenear the treebeside the treebelow the treeby the tree
  5. 5. The dog is between thedoghouse and the tree.
  6. 6. The dog is inside the doghouse.
  7. 7. The dog is onthe doghouse.
  8. 8. Prepositional Phrase consists of a preposition, its object, and any modifiers
  9. 9. Prepositional Phrase ( near the tree ) prep object
  10. 10. Prepositional Phrase The dog is ( near the tree. ) prep object - OP
  11. 11. The dog (by thetree) is myfavorite.
  12. 12. He sleeps( inhis doghouse)every night.
  13. 13. My puppy isthe best pet (inthe wholeworld.)