Embedded Solutions 2010 : ARM-Cortex Based MCU's , by ARROW-ISRAEL


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Will the 8bit and 16bit Micro-Controllers disappear due to ARM-Cortex Based MCU's?

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Embedded Solutions 2010 : ARM-Cortex Based MCU's , by ARROW-ISRAEL

  1. 1. The Home of & Amir Sherman Semiconductors Technical Manager
  2. 2. Arrow Israel is the biggest ARM&Cortex Distributor in Israel
  3. 3. MCU / MPU - Market View 1$ Less 1$ More Low Power 8bit NXP 1uA RTC + RAM Microchip TI 100uA-300uA/Mhz 16bit ST Atmel 0.9v / 1.65v / 1.8v Freescale 32bit Renesas
  4. 4. Market acceptance: ARM Which of the following 32-bit CPUs would you consider for your next embedded project? ARM (any vendor) 44% Freescale 42% Texas Instruments 34% Microchip 25% Atmel 25% Intel 24% Xilinx 21% Philips/NXP 16% Analog Devices 16% AMD 14% STMicro 14% Altera 13% Renesas 12% Cypress 9% Dallas Semi/Maxim 8% IBM 8% Rabbit Semiconductor 7% Other (specify) 7% Silicon Labs 6% Copyright © 2007 by CMP Media, LLC. All rights reserved. National Semiconductor 6%
  5. 5. Improved Battery Life ARM Cortex-M0 16-bit Sleep Average current Average current Time Time Cortex-M0 has less Average current than 16-bit processors greatly improving battery life 9
  6. 6. NXP LPC1xxx Landscape Cortex-M0 Cortex-M3 Cortex-M3 Performance 50MHz 72MHz 120MHz L P C 11 0 0 LPC1300 LPC1700 Low Power Mixed Signal High Performance 8/16-bit Applications 16/32-bit Applications 16/32-bit Applications Battery Operated Power Management Fast Communications Sensors Human Interface Motor Control Industrial Controls Peripherals 15
  7. 7. LPC1300 Series 72-MHz, 32-bit Cortex-M3™ microcontrollers Low power operation (~200uA/MHz) with three reduced-power modes: Sleep, Deep-sleep, and Deep-power-down Memories – Up to 32 KB Flash memory – Up to 8 KB SRAM On chip USB drivers for MSD and HID new Serial Peripherals – USB 2.0 full-speed device controller with on- chip PHY, UART, SSP, I2C Analog Peripherals : – 10-bit ADC, eight channels and conversion rates up to 400KHz Pin-to-pin compatible with LPC1100 (Cortex-M0)
  8. 8. Series Overview 21
  9. 9. STM32F10x Product Lines All lin es in clu d e: Co n n ect ivit y Lin e: STM32F107 Mu lt ip le co m m u n icat io n p er ip h er als Up t o 256 KB 2x12-b it ADC PWM Et h er n e 72MHz USB 2.0 2 x Au d io 2x Up t o 5 x USART, 3xSPI, 2xI²C Flash / (1µ s) t CPU OTG (FS) Class I2S CAN t im er 64KB SRAM Tem p Sen so r IEEE1588 ETM* Co n n ect ivit y Lin e: STM32F105 FSMC** Up t o 256 KB 2x12-b it ADC PWM 72MHz USB 2.0 2 x Au d io 2x Du al 12-b it DAC*** Flash / (1µ s) CPU OTG (FS) Class I2S CAN t im er 64KB SRAM Tem p Sen so r Mu lt ip le 16-b it Tim er s Per f o r m an ce Lin e: STM32F103 Main Osc 4-16MHz (25MHz o n 105/ 107) Up t o 1MB 2/ 3x12-b it ADC USB–FS PWM 72MHz Flash / (1µ s) SDIO* I2S* CAN CPU Device t im er In t er n al 8 MHz RC 96KB SRAM Tem p Sen so r an d 40 kHz RC USB Access Lin e: STM32F102 Real Tim e Clo ck w it h Bat t er y d o m ain & 32KHz ext o sc Up t o 128KB 1x12-b it ADC 48MHz (1µ s) USB–FS Flash / 16KB CPU Device 2 x Wat ch d o g s SRAM Tem p sen so r Reset cir cu it r y an d Access Lin e: STM32F101 Br o w n Ou t War n in g Up t o 1MB 1x12-b it ADC 36MHz (1µ s) Flash / 80KB Up t o 12 DMA cn ls CPU SRAM Tem p sen so r * Per f o r m an ce/ Access Lin es 256KB, 384KB, o r 512KB d evices an d ALL Co n n ect ivit y d evices Valu e Lin e: STM32F100 ** 256KB, 384KB, o r 512KB Per f o r m an ce Up t o 512KB 1x12-b it ADC PWM an d Access d evices 24MHz HDMI- Flash / 32KB (1.2µ s) CPU CEC t im er *** 256KB, 384KB, o r 512KB d evices excep t SRAM Tem p sen so r Valu e lin e w h er e p r esen t o n all m em o r y r an g e 23
  10. 10. STM32 portfolio including the STM32 XL and Value Flash (b yt es) 1 MB STM32F103/ 1RE STM32F103/ 1VE STM32F103/ 1ZE 768 K STM32F103/ 1RE STM32F103/ 1VE STM32F103/ 1ZE STM32F103/ 1RE STM32F103/ 1VE STM32F103/ 1ZE 512 K STM32 XL Co n n ect ivit y STM32F100RE STM32F100VE STM32F100ZE lin e Per f o r m an ce STM32F103/ 1RD STM32F103/ 1VD STM32F103/ 1ZD 384 K an d Access lin e STM32F100RD STM32F100VD STM32F100ZD Valu e lin e STM32F105/ 7RC STM32F105/ 7VC 256 K STM32F103/ 1RC STM32F103/ 1VC STM32F103/ 1ZC STM32F100RC STM32F100VC STM32F100ZC STM32F105/ 7RB STM32F105/ 7VB 128 K STM32F103/ 2/ 1CB STM32F103/ 2/ 1RB STM32F103VB STM32F100CB STM32F100RB STM32F101VB STM32F105R8 STM32F105V8 64 K STM32F103/ 1T8 STM32F103/ 2/ 1C8 STM32F103/ 2/ 1R8 STM32F103/ 1V8 STM32F100C8 STM32F100R8 STM32F100V8 STM32F103/ 1T6 STM32F103/ 2/ 1C6 STM32F103R6 Co r t ex TM -M3 CPU 32 K STM32F100C6 STM32F100R6 – 4- t o 64-Kb yt e SRAM – Fo u r lin es STM32F103/ 1T4 STM32F103/ 2/ 1C4 STM32F103/ 2/ 1R4 – Fu ll co m p at ib ilit y 16 K STM32F100C4 STM32F100R4 acr o ss 115p ar t n u m b er s 36 p in s 48 p in s 64 p in s 100 p in s 144 p in s QFN LQFP LQFP/ BGA(1) LQFP LQFP/ BGA(1) 24
  11. 11. STM32F100 Value Line
  12. 12. STM32L152 128K Block Diagram • Core Sample Q3 2010 – ARM Cortex-M3 Core@32MHz Fcpu – -40 to 85°C – 1.65V to 3.6V w/o BOR – 1.8V to 3.6V w/ BOR • Memory – Up to 128K Flash, 16K SRAM, 4K data EEPROM • Features – 6 Ultra Low Power modes – +/- 1% Internal RC accuracy – Low power consumption • 0,3µA Standby • 1.6µA Stop (with RTC) – Safe Reset System (POR/PDR, BOR, PVD) – High ratio High Sink/Source I/Os (20mA) • Packages – 48 pins LQFP/QFN – 64 pins LQFP/BGA – 100 pins LQFP/BGA
  13. 13. STM32L15x 128K – Low Power consumption values
  14. 14. All lines include up to: STM32 F-2 Series product lines Up to1MB FLASH USART, SPI, I2C 2 x CAN STM32F207/217 Multiple 16-bit and 32-bit TIMERS Advanced timer x 2 Up to RNG USB 2.0 Camera Ethernet 120MHz USB 2.0 Dual DAC 128KB OTG + CPU OTG FS interface IEEE1588 FSMC SRAM FS/HS Encryption* 2 x I2S MPU ETM Main Osc 3-16MHz Internal 8 MHz RC and 40 kHz RC STM32F205/215 Real Time Clock 2 x Watchdogs RNG Up to 1x USB Reset circuitry 120MHz 2.0 OTG 128KB + CPU Up to 12 channels DMA SRAM FS/HS Encryption* 80% GPIO ratio 3x12-bit ADC 0.5µs * Encryption block on STM32F217x and STM32F215x part #s only 28 Temp sensor
  15. 15. SAM3S Cortex-M3 Flash MCU Features Cortex-M3 processor running at up to 64MHz 50 percent less power at 1MHz operation Simplified PCB design through on- chip termination resistors Parallel IO signal capture High data rate serial communication interfaces including – USB 2.0 Device – SDIO/SD/MMC – 4 UARTs, 3 SPI, 2 I2C and I2S Scalable on- and off-chip memory options Advanced safety and security functions 29
  16. 16. Winner 30
  17. 17. TI AEC MCUs: Serious about Serial and Connectivity CAN CAN Controller Controller USB USB Area Network Area Network I2C, SPI, 10/100 USB UART, LIN Ethernet EPIx32 I2 S M2M / Mem I2C, SSI, I2C, SSI, Interface UART UART
  18. 18. Stellaris®: First in ARM Cortex-M3 Microcontrollers 2 6 19 24 51 85 104 128 138 Stellaris Stellaris Stellaris Stellaris Sandstorm Class Fury Class Dust Devil Class Tempest Class 32
  19. 19. Stellaris® Family Overview
  20. 20. WHAT NEXT ????????
  21. 21. Only In Arrow Israel
  22. 22. Amir Sherman Semiconductors Technical Manager Arrow Israel Asherman@arrowil.com 03-9203465 052-2240811