Using TED Ed, Sophia, and Khan Academy to Flip Your Classroom


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Sponsored by I show teachers and administrators the features of each one of these platforms to see which one is right for them. Each of these websites give teachers the opportunity to attach assessments to their own videos, or other people's videos.

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Using TED Ed, Sophia, and Khan Academy to Flip Your Classroom

  1. 1. Using Ted Ed, Khan Academy & Sophia to Flip Your Classroom Presenter: Shannon J. Holden
  2. 2. Overview of Today’s Session • • • • • • • What is “Flipping” Why flip? TED Ed Khan Academy Sophia Other sources for free digital content Which one you should use
  3. 3. Information Overload • With all of the free resources available, where do you start? • Don’t worry about that…just start somewhere! • Pick a website or two, and explore
  4. 4. What is “Flipping”? • Flipping is a technique where teachers post digital content for students to watch at home – Videos – Podcasts • Students come to class the next day with some clue as to what is being taught • Instead of lecture, students engage in – Cooperative learning – Projects – Class discussions
  5. 5. Why Flip? • Flipping reduces the amount of class time spent on lecture – More time available for other activities • Students do their “homework” under the supervision of their teacher, not at home alone • Teachers can differentiate their lessons for students of all ability levels – Repetition helps students transfer information to long term memory
  6. 6. TED Ed
  7. 7. TED Ed
  8. 8. Where to Find Videos to “Flip” • Series – Big ideas • Subject – Science, Math, History, etc. • Best Flips – Videos already in TED Ed’s library • YouTube – Choose any YouTube video, and TED Ed will do the rest! • Make your own and upload to YouTube
  9. 9. One Cool Feature: • You can use the assessment attached to the video, or write your own • When you “borrow” the video, lesson, and assessment – you get a unique URL • Remember, you can edit the “Quick Quiz”, “Think”, and “Dig Deeper” sections of the lesson • When your students use the URL you email them, YOU get the results of their quiz!
  10. 10. TED Ed
  11. 11. One More Cool Feature • If your lesson is nominated and accepted, an animator will make an animated version of your lesson! • The vision of the site’s builders is that a gigantic resource will be built for teachers… one video at a time
  12. 12. TED Ed Advisory Board • • • • • • • Jonathan Bergmann Aaron Sams Sir Ken Robinson Melinda Gates Salman Khan Jackie Bezos John Hunter
  13. 13. Next Up: • Khan Academy
  14. 14. Khan Academy
  15. 15. Khan Academy • Every video in Khan Academy was built using screencasting software by Salman Khan • His site has grown exponentially due to the generous donations from people like Bill Gates • The goal of this non-profit organization is that anyone will be able to learn anything – for free
  16. 16. Khan Academy • Once you set up your account, you have access to all of the videos and lessons on the site • Here’s an example lesson on “Order of Operations”
  17. 17. Order of Operations Lesson
  18. 18. Order of Operations • You can type an answer in the box on the left side of the screen • You can elect to watch a video if you get stuck • You can hit the “Show Next Step” button to see how the problem is solved step-by-step
  19. 19. Search What to Learn • The next two slides show two different ways to find lessons – By topic (eg. Order of Operations) – By subject (eg. Math, Algebra I, etc.)
  20. 20. Khan Academy
  21. 21. Khan Academy
  22. 22. Khan Academy • • • • • Be a coach! Have your students log in to their account Click on their name at the top of the page Click on the “Coaches” tab Enter your Coach ID, then click “Add Coach”
  23. 23. Khan Academy • My Coach ID is • You are now their coach! • You will have access to all of your students’ activity and achievements • You will be able to access all of that information under the “Class Stats” tab
  24. 24. Khan Academy “Teacher Toolkit”
  25. 25. Next Up: • Sophia
  26. 26. Sophia
  27. 27. Sophia
  28. 28. You Can Create… • Tutorial • Playlist • Group
  29. 29. Creating a Tutorial • Use the built in screen recording tool to make a short video, or add powerpoints and pdf files • Choose what subject describes your tutorial • Hit the “Create” button • You are done!
  30. 30. How to Create a Quiz in a Tutorial
  31. 31. Creating a Playlist • As a Teacher, create an ordered set of tutorials for your students to follow. Students can use these for a structured course, or create their own playlist as a study guide. • Click “Create Playlist” • Name your playlist (and write a description) • Click “Create” • Surf tutorials and choose which ones you want in your playlist (and in which order)
  32. 32. Sophia Playlists
  33. 33. Creating a Group • Create a structured private classroom or study group. You will have ability to upload content and communicate with other group members. Students will also have the ability to submit coursework and projects.
  34. 34. Creating a Group • Name your group • Write a description • Allow members to post content to the group library (Choose “Yes” or “No”) • Hit the “Create” button • You are done! • Give students your six-digit group code
  35. 35. Putting a Lesson in Your Playlist or Group
  36. 36. Playlists & Groups • You can make an UNLIMITED number of playlists and groups for your students • This would be a good feature if you teach different classes or subjects • Keep track of all of your playlists and groups in your Sophia Dashboard
  37. 37. Your Sophia Dashboard
  38. 38. Sophia “Teacher’s Toolbox”
  39. 39. What Kind of Learner Are You? • Sophia gives users a quick, five-question quiz to determine your learning style – Visual – Verbal – Auditory – Interpersonal – Applied (“Real World” application)
  40. 40. Other Sources For Digital Content • WatchKnowLearn • YouTubeEDU • Discovery Education
  41. 41. So…Which One Should I Use? • I have NO clue! • Every teacher has different needs • I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these options • The only way you can go wrong is to not use ANY of them!