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Fake weed powerpoint


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Fake weed powerpoint

  1. 1. Synthetic Cannabis By Corryn Henry
  2. 2. What does it look like?
  3. 3. What makes it synthetic? • It is a chemically engineered substance, similar to the active ingredient in marijuana, THC. • THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the psychoactive substance present in marijuana. • The substance looks like marijuana and can give a similar high. • Most forms of synthetic cannabis are herbs sprayed with chemicals.
  4. 4. Where is it sold? Synthetic cannabis is sold: •At gas stations •Smoke shops •Websites online •Illegally in states it is banned
  5. 5. Reported Adverse Side Effects “It left me feeling disoriented and as soon as I lost the head high, I had a headache and was very tense.” Brendan Schiering
  6. 6. “I felt like I did cocaine.” Samantha Dombroski
  7. 7. Popular brands include: • K2, K3, Spice, Genie, Smoke, Pot-pourri, Buzz, Pulse, Hush, Mystery, Earthquake, Ocean Blue, Stinger, Serenity and many others.
  8. 8. “Not for human consumption”
  9. 9. “I feel like it could be a company's way to stay on the legal side because when you do consume it, its similar to being under the influence of marijuana.” Patrick Cann
  10. 10. Affects compared to marijuana: “It relaxed me and gave me a different high but it didn’t last long. Weed is obviously more potent and has more of an effect on you.” Brittany Crain
  11. 11. “As for the feeling it was a bit similar, it shared physical effects such as lowered eyes and a feeling of relaxedness came into play just as with marijuana consumption.” Patrick Cann
  12. 12. “The high is a lot like weed. It just doesn’t last as long, maybe like an hour compared to weed which is like a couple hours.” Samantha Dombroski
  13. 13. How can it be consumed? • Joint- a “marijuana cigarette” which is usually rolled by hand with rolling papers • Blunt- a hollowed out cigar re-rolled with marijuana instead of tobacco. • Bong- term applied to a pipe with a water filtration system used in smoking bud.
  14. 14. K3 being rolled into a blunt..
  15. 15. Then smoked.
  16. 16. Types of K3
  17. 17. Prices •Prices vary depending on where you buy it. •Online orders require customers to buy mass quantities. •Gas stations prices vary from $10-$15 for a gram.
  18. 18. •Prices for 3 gram bags vary from $15- $25.
  19. 19. Future of synthetic cannabis • It has already been banned in several states and the U.S armed forces. • It is banned in European countries, including Britain, France, Germany, Poland and Russia, as well as South Korea
  20. 20. “I realize that there’s no type of synthetic cannabis that is safe.” Samantha Dombroski