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Warburtons Royal Baby Tactical: Case Study


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Warburtons used newsbrands to congratulate the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their first child.

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Warburtons Royal Baby Tactical: Case Study

  1. 1. NEWSWORKS AWARD 2013 Background and objectives • Warburtons is a well-known British family bakery brand, using the tagline “from our family to yours”. As such, a tactical “Royal Baby” message provided the perfect opportunity for Warburtons. The objectives were simple; to run a tactical campaign congratulating the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their first child. We needed to reach as many people as possible with the message. The highly anticipated due date of the Royal Baby meant that print was the best medium to run a congratulations message, as we needed a medium that could be responsive and act quickly with relatively short delivery deadlines. • Thus, the role for newsbrands was simple – to reach as many people as fast as possible following the birth of the future king. Insight and strategy • Our strategy was clear; we wanted to raise awareness of Warburtons' congratulations message. We did this by recommending running activity in various Royal Baby supplements, due to the quick turnaround of print titles. • The creative agency who worked with us on this campaign was WCRS. • The turnaround time from when we received the brief was very tight and no one knew the due date, which made it difficult to activate. Therefore, we had to work quickly with WCRS to ensure we didn’t miss out on the opportunity. The plan • Newspapers were the only medium used, as the tactical message could be utilised quickly. Moreover, print provided the perfect environment for WCRS' creative. • We wanted to take advantage of the various Royal Baby specials and supplements that were being designed by the national press market in order to drive reach whist running against relevant content. • We ran in Royal Baby supplements in The Sun, Daily Telegraph, The Times and against relevant editorial in Evening Standard and Daily Mirror. • We were able to negotiate the outside back cover of The Times supplement at no additional premium, therefore delivering the impact and standout that Warburtons had requested. Results • The Warburtons Royal Baby tactical campaign generated a lot of buzz on Twitter. The sentiment was 100% positive about the campaign and creative. See below for a doodle that highlights the “buzz” on twitter:
  2. 2. • • We have liaised with our PPC team who have confirmed there was a search uplift on the 24th July 60   2.00%   50   1.50%   40   Clicks   1.00%   30   CTR   20   0.50%   10   0   0.00%   7/23/2013   • 7/24/2013   7/25/2013   The campaign did not have any commercial objectives set as it was a brand opportunity for Warburtons. However, the difficulty we had was predicting when the baby was going to be born and ensuring that the placements didn’t run before the birth or too late after. The campaign has demonstrated the impact newsbrands can have on twitter and search. Client view (out of 5 • “Hi guys I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say a big thanks for all your hard work on the Royal Baby piece.
  3. 3. The placements so far have been fantastic and I'm so pleased you managed to secure that Times back page - what an amazing opportunity! It’s generated a great amount of additional coverage and stand out for the brand externally and internally the buzz continues! Jonathan spoke at the board today to say how pleased he was and I've been bombarded with emails all day from colleagues, which is a great barometer of internal pride Thanks again”