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Cereal Partners UK turns to newspapers to help launch its new cereal and take advantage of readers' interest in food and health topics.

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  • Combining National Newspapers with TV delivered a highly effective launch campaign for Nestlé Oats & More:Newspapers alone were responsible for an 8.3% incremental sales uplift for Oats & More during the campaignThe powerful combination of TV and newspapers drove more than double the increase in brand familiarity than TV solusThe TV and newspaper combination doubled the increase in trial compared with TV solusNewspapers’ impact on brand involvement was 80% higher than TV solusAdding National Newspapers improved response to the TV ad, making it more engaging, significantly better branded, and enhancing communication
  • The research methodology used was pre-post tracking by Millward Brown among the same respondents (brand/category interest disguised at pre-stage), to measure changes among people seeing different media and account for any existing predispositions of any media group.
  • dunnhumby analysis of Tesco Clubcard data during the campaign showed that newspapers caused a 8.3% sales uplift for Oats & More, over and above any increases due to TV and promotions.Sales analysis was conducted by dunnhumby using anonymisedClubcard data. Two samples were matched on a range of criteria – including demographics, frequency of shopping and spend in Tesco, sector buying patterns, brand buying patterns pre-test period. The only difference between the Control sample and the newspaper sample was that the Newspaper sample had bought a newspaper carrying the relevant ad in Tesco. Estimates are conservative, as women in the Control sample may have bought newspapers outside Tesco and been exposed to the ads.
  • With their large circulations and sense of newsworthiness, NationalNewspapers are a great medium for driving awareness. This is clearly crucial for a new brand. In combination with TV, the effect is really powerful – TV and newspapers together increased familiarity with Oats & More by 33% points, more than double the increase achieved by TV solus.
  • Newspapers also provide a sense of immediacy, encouraging swift consumer response. Claimed trial among women seeing both TV and newspaper advertising increased by 12% points following the campaign – once again, double the increase achieved among women seeing TV only.
  • Likelihood to choose Oats & More at the next cereal buying occasion was almost doubled by the launch campaign, from 14% to 25%. Again, TV and National Newspapers outperformed TV solus, with an additional 8% points increase in brand commitment. With Oats & More, as with many other brands tested, we see that the TV + Newspaper group has a stronger brand relationship at the pre-stage of tracking. Nevertheless, we still see that the uplifts are greater for TV and newspapers together than for TV on its own.
  • Newspapers are an emotionally involving medium. Neuroscience and tracking evidence for 2006 effectiveness tests demonstrated the power of newspapers to drive emotional brand response. This ability was again demonstrated for Oats & More. Newspapers were around 80% more effective at increasing emotional brand involvement than TV solus. The highest overall levels of emotional connection were for people seeing both media.
  • The newspaper ads achieved high recognition. Qualitative creative development research identified the route as visually appealing, with an upbeat tone that reflected the product offer (whereas an alternative route with more factual information was perceived as dictatorial and dull on the one hand, and over-emphasising taste to the detriment of health credentials on the other) . Executional modifications helped ensure that branding, appeal and standout were maximised – all of which contribute to improved recognition
  • Tracking confirmed the ads’ visual stopping power. This is vital, as a newspaper ad has just 1-2 seconds to capture initial attention and encourage people to read on.
  • Millward Brown’s involvement diagnosis ‘wheel’ shows how actively engaging ads are perceived to be by consumers. The preferred territory for most ads is the top of the wheel, where descriptors are both active and positive. The worst position for standout and involvement is the passive negative area at the bottom of the wheel. The grey shaded area represents the norm for TV ads (Newspaper ads have only been measured on this scale this year so no norms are yet available).Newspaper ads for Oats & More were highly iinvolving, distinctive and interesting.
  • Seeing newspaper ads as well as TV invariably makes the TV work harder in all Newsworks effectiveness tests to date. The Oats & More TV ad performed close to average engagement levels when viewed solus. However, people who also saw the newspaper campaign found the TV ad much more involving, interesting and distinctive.
  • Newspapers also enhance branding of TV ads. The branding score for the TV ad was increased by 28% points among people who had also seen the newspaper campaign. TV’s impact on newspaper ad branding was considerably lower.
  • Similarly, TV communication was significantly improved if people had also seen the newspaper ads. In particular, seeing newspaper ads alerted people to the implicit nutritional message inherent in oat-based cereal.
  • Take-out from Oats & More newspaper ads was strong and well-balanced between taste and nutrition messages. A key advantage of newspapers is the flexibility to use multiple executions to build a brand story. Newspaper readers are highly loyal and fresh ways of delivering the message are noticed better than repeats of the same execution, which readers screen out as ‘old news’.
  • As a result of the balance between taste and nutrition communication across the executions, the newspaper ads were collectively more emotionally appealing, relevant and rationally persuasive than the TV ad.
  • Further strong evidence of the build effect of multiple newspaper executions in addition to TV is seen in the call to action metric. On its own, TV delivers a reason to go out and buy to 46% of women. Simply adding one newspaper execution increases the call to action to 62%. Seeing TV plus 2 or 3 newspaper ads builds call to action again to 75%. Seeing all four newspaper ads plus TV increases propensity to go out and buy to 81% - a massive 76% higher than for TV alone.
  • There is also clear evidence that adding multiple newspaper executions builds emotional brand response. The power of newspapers to foster emotional brand bonds is vividly demonstrated by the doubling of the brand values measure among those seeing TV plus all 4 newspaper ads, compared with those seeing TV alone.
  • Newspapers are a fantastic medium for making people re-think their perceptions, providing daily evidence and insights to their attentive readers. This benefit extends to the ads – for Oats & More the cumulative effect of adding four surprising and engaging newspaper ads was to almost double brand re-appraisal versus TV solus.
  • Oats & More: Case Study

    1. 1. The Proof 1 The business case for newspaper advertising as part of the media mix
    2. 2. 2 Mark Fanner Product Group Manager, NPD “National Newspapers made a significant contribution to the successful launch of Oats & More. We had clear proof that the newspaper campaign drove a good level of sales in its own right. Together, TV and newspapers effectively built awareness and trial, and newspapers developed the more emotional elements of the new brand. Pre-testing helped evolve our understanding of how readers consume newspaper advertising. By taking into account what stands out and engages people, we could really maximise effectiveness and appeal. And by using several executions we could underline several important communication points, which had a big impact on people’s willingness to try the brand.” Oats & More The client’s view
    3. 3. 3 Newspapers caused extra 8.3% sales uplift TV + Newspapers drove more than double the increase in brand familiarity TV + Newspapers doubled increase in trial Brand involvement 80% higher with Newspapers Adding National Newspapers improved response to the TV ad, making it more engaging, significantly better branded, and enhancing communication Oats & More Headline results
    4. 4. 4 Oats & More Test Hypothesis: Newspapers are perfect partners to TV TV and national newspapers are the perfect partnership They are processed in different but complementary ways: TV is more passive, newspapers involve active processing Both media are heavily consumed in the evening Media profiles are complementary Together, the brand impact should be stronger than either medium separately
    5. 5. 5 Oats & More The creative work Newspaper creative TV creative
    6. 6. 6 Oats & More Test detail Media Plan Feb Mar Apr May £m Media Target audience: ABC1 Adults 25- 54 TV – 30 sec 1.2 Newspapers 0.7 Research Dates Millward Brown Pre-wave Post wave Research sample: 711 Women 25-55, regular cereal buyers Media Source: NMR/BARB/NRS 342 TVRs Campaign objectives To launch Oats & More as the irresistibly tasty way to get the goodness of oats. 336 GRPs
    7. 7. Oats & More 7 The findings
    8. 8. 8 During Oats & More National newspapers drive sales Source: dunnhumby Newspaper Advertising effect on Sales % increase 8.3
    9. 9. 9 Oats & More National newspapers double the increase in familiarity Brand Familiarity Tried/heard a lot about Oats & More Pre to Post % points increase – Top 2 Box % Pre-wave 15 30 Post-wave Pre-wave Post-wave 30 63 TV solus TV + NP +15 +33
    10. 10. 10 Oats & More National newspapers double the increase in trial Brand Trial Tried Oats & More % Pre to Post % points increase Pre-wave 5 11 Post-wave Pre-wave Post-wave 16 28 TV solus TV + NP +6 +12
    11. 11. 11 Oats & More National newspapers double brand commitment Brand Commitment Likelihood to choose* Pre to Post % points increase – Top 3 Box % Pre-wave 11 22 Post-wave Pre-wave Post-wave 22 41 TV solus TV + NP +11 +19
    12. 12. 12 Oats & More 80% higher emotional involvement with national newspapers Brand Involvement Someone I like* Pre to Post % points increase – Top 3 Box % Pre-wave 20 34 Post-wave 36 61 TV solus TV + NP +14 +22 42 64 Any NP +25 Pre-wave Post-wave Pre-wave Post-wave
    13. 13. 13 Oats & More Pre-testing aids higher recognition Recognition – Newspaper ads % recognising Oats & More 20 31 Millward Brown Print Norm (326 ads)
    14. 14. 14 Oats & More Visual standout is vital Newspaper ads - % agreeing Very eye-catching I’d stop and look at rather than turn the page 65 60 44 80 MB UK NormOats & More
    15. 15. 15 Oats & More Newspaper ads engage more strongly Pleasant GentleIrritating Soothing Unpleasant Disturbing Millward Brown – Media Involvement Diagnostics Millward Brown Norm (Base: 698 TV ads) -+ Difference between NP and TV +14 +21 +19 -12 -9 Recognise TV ad Distinctive Interesting Weak Dull Boring Involving Recognise Any NP ad -18
    16. 16. 16 Oats & More Adding newspapers makes TV work harder Pleasant GentleIrritating Soothing Unpleasant Disturbing Millward Brown Norm (Base: 698 TV ads) -+ Added effect of NP +18 +13 +16 -8 -9 Recognise TV only Distinctive Interesting Weak Dull Boring Involving Recognise TV + NP Millward Brown – TV Involvement Diagnostics
    17. 17. 17 Oats & More National newspapers enhance TV ad branding Branding Definitely remember ad was for Oats & More % agreeing TV solus 60 68 66 40 TV + NP Any NP TV + NP TV ad Newspaper Ads +28 +6
    18. 18. 18 Oats & More Newspaper ads enhance TV communication TV Advertising Strongly suggests % answering Added effect of NP TV + NPTV solus Tastes great Is irresistible Contains wholesome goodness Good for you as well as being delicious 58 31 +8 +17 +21 +20 For people like me +27 60 40 85 44 81 64 80 72
    19. 19. 19 Oats & More Multiple executions communicate powerfully Newspaper Advertising Strongly suggests % answering 67 57 64 61 44 Tastes great Is irresistible Contains wholesome goodness Good for you as well as being delicious For people like me
    20. 20. 20 Oats & More Newspaper ads more persuasive Response to TV ads % agreeing 29 65 39 62 44 71 57 80 68 TV + NPTV solus Tastes great Is irresistible Contains wholesome goodness Good for you as well as being delicious For people like me 47
    21. 21. 21 Oats & More Multiple executions boost call to action by 76% Advertising measures – Call to Action Gives me a reason to go out and buy* Top 2 Box % TV solus 62 75 TV + 1 NP ad 46 81 TV + 2 or 3 NP ads TV + all 4 NP ads
    22. 22. 22 Oats & More Multiple executions more than double emotional connection Advertising measures – Brand Values Helps me to connect and identify more strongly* Top 2 Box % TV solus 54 73 TV + 1 NP ad 40 85 TV + 2 or 3 NP ads TV + all 4 NP ads
    23. 23. 23 Oats & More Adding newspapers boosts re-appraisal by 97% Advertising measures – Re-appraisal Surprising and gets me to think differently* Top 2 Box % TV solus 59 71 TV + 1 NP ad 41 81 TV + 2 or 3 NP ads TV + all 4 NP ads