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Rugby fans and newsbrands


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Fans feel that their newspapers share their game's values and that digital newspapers are part of the rugby community

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Rugby fans and newsbrands

  1. 1. 17.2mmen read newspapers around the average sporting weekend (Fri-Mon) in 2010 6mmen watched the 2007 Rugby World Cup Final on TV 2011 Rugby World Cup Kick out for glory with newspapers
  2. 2. Rugby is the key passionate sport of the nation; it is down to the determination of the guys who play the game. You can see every minute of the game they are putting 110% into it It is just the sheer passion. Whenever any other sport is playing the national anthem the head is down they are not really singing. But in terms of rugby you see the biggest men you are ever going to see crying. I think they feel completely differently about playing for their country. The ex players are very passionate in their writing and they are getting better with their prose, so it is good to read. It is good stuff. Newspapers Pride, Passion & Patriotism
  3. 3. Newspapers reflect rugby’s spirit Intelligence, Sporting Honesty & Integrity
  4. 4. It is only newspapers who have the commitment to report in depth Malcolm Vallerius, Sports Editor, Mail on Sunday They are the people who know what they are talking about Newspapers The fans’ match day programme throughout…
  5. 5. Newspapers The advertisers’ premier package
  6. 6. Power of Online Newspapers for sporting events
  7. 7. How and from where visitors access online Newspapers
  8. 8. How and from where visitors access online Newspapers
  9. 9. It is credible. They’re the very reasons why we like rugby so much, why people like rugby so much, it’s not mucking about, it’s not making it up and that last line, the best a fan can get, that’s very clever, it’s honest. Big old muddy hand with the red rose that we’re very passionate about. That’s the emblem we wear so that’s reflecting the fans’ pride in the England rugby team which will make us remember that advert, and I do remember that advert. That’s very nicely done. Newspapers ads forging connections responding to the national mood
  10. 10. They’re identifiable, they’re a team, so therefore the product they are endorsing is a pukka product. They’ve actually spent some money and they’ve got the entire England team there. I like this because it panders to my little ego that I’m clever enough to know exactly who that is and it doesn’t have to hit me over the head with a frying pan to know what that is and what it’s about. Newspapers ads forging connections endorsement by England stars gives boost
  11. 11. Newspapers ads forging connections humour fuels pub banter
  12. 12. Newspapers ads forging connections Guinness – unrivalled heritage
  13. 13. Newspapers ads forging connections Brands get credit for talking to the fans
  14. 14. National newspapers Creative Benchmarking demonstrates that advertising around newspapers’ coverage of rugby has succeeded in reaching out to involve and motivate readers. Creative Benchmarking, developed for newspapers in association with Kantar Media, is based on Kantar’s TV creative benchmarking system. The key measure is TNS’s AdEval™ Motivated /Involved. Great newspaper advertising creates involvement with the reader, and motivates them to feel closer to the brand and / or to buy or to find out more. To be involved consumers must like the ad and find it relevant. To be motivated, they must first be involved, and agree that the ad raises their interest in and opinion of the brand. Creative Benchmarking is a cost-effective way for brands to evaluate the performance of their own, or their competitors’, TV and newspaper advertising in a similar way. Ads are also scored against a range of ad metrics. To read all about Creative Benchmarking, visit The Top 2007 Rugby World Cup Ads Creative Benchmarking
  15. 15. Motivated Involved Total Motivated / Involved 62% 52% 10% Gilette AMV BBDO Media agency: Starcom Media Vest EdfEnergy campaign Euro RSCG Media agency: MPG 62% 45% 18% 59% 40% 19% Adidas TBWA/London Media agency: Carat 54% 45% 10% Post Office campaign Mother Media agency: OMD Green King campaign MCBD Media agency: MediaCom 58% 40% 18% Fuller’s London Pride DCH Media agency: MEC 57% 37% 20% The Top 2007 Rugby World Cup Ads
  16. 16. 1. Powerade Populars +73% 2. Scotts Porridge Oats Qualities +79% Mid-market +73% Populars +3% 6. Nurofen Populars +19% 9. Shredded Wheat Qualities +63% Mid-market +96% Populars = 8. Strepsils Qualities +38% Mid-market +48% 7. Rennie Qualities +64% Mid-market +32% 3. Danone Actimel Qualities +49% Mid-market +61% Populars +7% 5. Lucozade Populars +7% 10. Taylors of Harrogate Qualities +227% Mid-market +87% 4. Danone Activia Qualities +43% Mid-market +58% Brand opportunities The build-up
  17. 17. 1. Colgate Mid-market +15% Populars +3% 7. Nivea men’s skincare Mid-market +65% Populars +47% 2. Deep Freeze + Deep Heat Populars +19% 10. Sure Mid-market +1% Populars +19% 11. Right Guard Mid-market +2% Populars +26% 8. Persil Qualities +18% Mid-market +33% Populars +14% 6. Nivea Shaving soap Mid-market +58% 4. Gillette shaving soap Qualities +16% Mid-market +1% 3. Gillette razor blades Mid-market +20% Populars +16% 9. Philips shaving Qualities +111% Mid-market +83% 5. Lynx Populars +19% Figures in boxes are % difference in spend per household by frequent readers of Quality, Mid-Market or Popular Newspaper titles vs heaviest third of commercial TV viewers Brand opportunities Fresh from the fight
  18. 18. 1. Coca-cola Populars +10% 2. Guinness Qualities +28% Mid-market +32% Populars +28% 11. Peperami Populars +27% 12. Mars Populars +35% 3. The Famous Grouse Qualities +72% Mid-market +94% 16. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Populars +4% 15. Sprite Populars +22% 4. Wolf Blass Qualities +242% Mid-market +98% 9. Kettle Qualities +86% Mid-market +27% 10. Magners Mid-market +5% Populars +45% 6. Carlsberg Populars +9% 13. San Miguel Mid-market +22% 14. Smirnoff Populars +28% The TGI user profile of men who drink hand-pumped ale is 40% more AB than the male average 8. John Smith’s Populars +21% 7. Fosters Populars +20% 5. Bulmers Populars +38% Figures in boxes are % difference in spend per household by frequent readers of Quality, Mid-Market or Popular Newspaper titles vs heaviest third of commercial TV viewers Brand opportunities In the club-house bar
  19. 19. Newspapers help secure your touchdown