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Kellogg’s Masterbrand


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By partnering with Trinity Mirror and Bauer, Kellogg’s increased people’s awareness of its ‘Buy a box-give a bowl’ initiative and drove purchase intent.

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Kellogg’s Masterbrand

  1. 1. Kellogg’s Masterbrand – The Mirror Insight (out of 10) Our insight tool (CCS) showed us that our target audience of HWCH had strong affinity with Print and Radio and also showed that a multi-media approach would allow us the biggest reach and engagement. Hence, the decision to go with a partnership that incorporated both Trinity Mirror and Bauer. Another key insight focussed on the ‘local factor’. This meant that our core consumer felt much more at home when reading or hearing about things that were prevalent in their area. Trinity Mirror offered us the local reach but with national scale, whilst Bauer could provide access to radio stations across the UK. The final insight came around having a flagship event. Whilst our audience were keen to hear about local involvement they also liked the idea that a brand was getting behind a real cause. Kellogg’s already provided free breakfast to over 1000 schools each morning in the UK but we wanted to amplify that message. The perfect property to align with was with ‘London’s Biggest Breakfast’ – endorsed by the Mayor and broadcast by Magic FM. We built a campaign that engulfed all the key aspects from our insights tools. Ultimately, partnership success would be judged on the consumer’s propensity to get involved in the campaign, measured through purchase intent and curiosity around the scheme. The plan (out of 10) The partnership ran in two very separate medias but was anchored with the flagship event ‘London’s Biggest Breakfast’. Prior to the event, the key messaging focussed around the core message of ‘Buy a box – give a bowl’, this meant for every box of Kellogg’s that a consumer bought, Kellogg’s would donate a bowl to a breakfast club in the UK. A fantastic initiate that was aimed at highlighting the plight of hungry children on our very doorsteps and encourage active participation. The partnership used Trinity Mirrors national titles, 14 regional newspapers and also the first ever ‘takeover’ of the Primary Times. The ownership of the PT saw branding throughout and on the front page of the schools mag. PT goes out to 11,000 UK schools and put in the bag of their school children so was particularly relevant for this campaign. We ran locally relevant advertorials across Trinity Mirror’s newspaper portfolio highlighting how people can help and what difference their help can make. These included case studies of families that use food banks or rely on free school meals. The aim was to show that it’s not just the most vulnerable families that are affected but that 1 in 7children go to school hungry. We showed the tangible ways to make a difference and that Kellogg’s could help facilitate that. The partnership had strong digital presence and links through to ways people could get involved including HIS and Fareshare., Bauer gave us access to 7 radio stations across the UK that complimented the print titles. All creative was localised, making it relevant to listeners. Again, the key messaging highlighted the need to support the local community and what Kellogg’s was doing with its ‘Buy a box – give a bowl’ campaign. We ran a competition hosted online, with a simple entry mechanic to further engage users around winning family passes to Merlin attractions to spend quality time with those that matter most.
  2. 2. Bauer were also the official sponsors of the London’s Biggest Breakfast. This Mayors Fund For London initiative brought together some of the most under privileged schools in London to offer a free breakfast, entertainment and the chance to meet Boris Johnson. Kellogg’s was the official broadcast sponsor of this event, allowing us to brand the event, provide all the breakfast and give away goody bags to all attendees. Kellogg’s MD appeared on the live show to talk about how Kellogg’s were helping and how others could get involved. We involved a Trinity Mirror journalist and photographer to cover the event ensuring the partnership was as joined up as possible. Keeping content relevant was a key consideration and we managed to get the print advertorial around the event in paper the very next day - A media first for advertorial content across Trinity Mirror. The campaign culminated in a big ‘thank you’ piece in paper and online emphasising the difference that everyday people can make by joining in with the initiative ‘Buy a box – give a bowl’. Results (out of 10) Trinity Mirror strongly believed in the cause, enabling us to leverage strong editorial links throughout the campaign. We exceeded all benchmarks for print and digital in terms of CTRs and impressions, delivering added value of over 15% of the total outlay. We commissioned research to review what affect the campaign had on consumer’s attitudes towards the business. 95% of people found the Kellogg’s initiative to be a good cause with this translating through to 85% of people wanting to purchase a pack of Kellogg’s cereal. We also showed that the campaign increased purchase intent by 8% from those that had seen the activity to those that had not. This is a massive shift for an established brand like Kellogg’s where consumer awareness is almost at 100%. The activity also increased people’s awareness and curiosity around the ‘Buy a box – give a bowl’ initiative. 77% said that it inspired them to get involved, an increase of 3%. 86% of people could see how it benefited their local community, and 93% saw it as a generous donation by Kellogg’s. Both these numbers increased 7% from those that had not seen the activity and again shows how successful we were in conveying the core brand messages. To summarise, Kellogg’s has a long established history of doing CSR work. The brand is large and instantly recognisable. Despite this, those that were exposed to our partnership work were influenced enough to increase their propensity to purchase and to view Kellogg’s as a company that was doing great things in this key CSR area. Client view (out of 5) “As part of our ongoing Kellogg’s Breakfast for Better Days corporate initiative, it was critical that our Give A Child A Breakfast media partners reinforced our goal of driving maximum awareness of the issue and consumer participation. Overall, the collaboration was a great success, helping raise nationwide awareness of the issue whilst also playing a key role in increasing the number of consumers wanting to get involved in the campaign to donate breakfasts to families in need”. Sally Bonser - UK & Ire Marketing Manager - Kids Cereal