How readers respond - emotions


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Newspaper reading helps to meet emotional needs, research shows

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How readers respond - emotions

  1. 1. Emotional Connections and National Newspapers 1 insert subhead here
  2. 2. The research summarises the findings from 200+ focus groups 7,000+ quantitative interviews 30,000+ interviews from the NMA’s in-market effectiveness tracking research Sources: Davey Bioletti Research, Research Plus, Bozsko Planning and Research (qualitative) Millward Brown, Hall & Partners (quantitative)
  3. 3. How newspapers involve readers’ emotions
  4. 4. By being a medium that is read rather than seen or heard Immediate and personal connection made between what is being read and the reader Reading material effectively short-circuits straight to close emotional connection It’s more personal with the paper …you’re taking it in more because you are reading it
  5. 5. By being a medium that requires immersion Involvement created by reading is often intense because of having to immerse oneself in what is being read
  6. 6. By being a medium that is experienced differently Reading the newspaper is a different experience from watching TV. The result is different as well To read a newspaper is ‘to feel’ To read is for the information ‘to sink in deeper’
  7. 7. By giving readers what they want, what they care about
  8. 8. Emotional needs that are met by newspaper reading
  9. 9. Providing readers with connection and insight I’d feel silly you feel boring, you don’t know, you feel you’ve missed it, missed out on knowing… how to avoid looking like a right muppet I can’t not have my paper – I’d feel cut off; it’s my regular life-line because I don’t go out to work, I like to see what’s happening
  10. 10. Entertaining readers Newspapers give readers Entertainment Amusement Diversion I just love the headlines; they make me laugh
  11. 11. Providing readers with social currency It’s like a person close to me; it gives me the options I want
  12. 12. In summary… Newspapers involve readers’ emotions Newspapers meet various emotional needs for readers Newspaper readers are looking to be Engaged Entertained As well as informed
  13. 13. What does this mean for advertising within newspapers?
  14. 14. What does this mean for advertisers? Advertising that can engage, entertain as well as inform can share the emotional connection newspapers achieve with their readers.
  15. 15. What works best?
  16. 16. Starting with a great insight
  17. 17. …and a great idea
  18. 18. Entertain not just inform
  19. 19. Create visual impact
  20. 20. Keep it simple
  21. 21. Use multiple executions
  22. 22. Harnessing editorial to drive task and mindset relevance