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Newstar - DevOps - Brief Overview


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We work with leading open source tools and commercial products to design a DevOps platform and ecosystem that optimizes your build->test->deploy cycle so that you and your team can design, code and deploy features rapidly. Research has shown that companies adopting DevOps best practices and implementing continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) pipelines have a significant competitive advantage over their industry peers.

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Newstar - DevOps - Brief Overview

  1. 1. Newstar Corp Powering Your Digital Platform
  2. 2. Our Focus Areas - Solutions For A Digital Economy ● DevOps, SaaS & Cloud - Agility, Speed, Collaboration ● E-Commerce & Digital Platforms - Innovation, Growth, Commerce ● Data & Real-Time Analytics - Insights, Intelligence
  3. 3. Our DevOps Focus - Helping Enterprises Become Agile ● Cloud - Enterprise Adoption Of Cloud Computing, Microservices Architecture, Agile Development, Virtualization, Continuous Delivery ● SaaS - SaaSify Legacy Applications, Accelerate Cloud Migration, Off-Load Marketing Automation ● DevOps Automation - CI/CD Pipeline, Test Automation, NFR Automation, Feature Based Delivery
  4. 4. DevOps - Improving Outcomes ● Skills - Skills Development, Talent Augmentation, Scaling ● Innovation - Technology Assessment, Re-Platforming ● Time To Market - Streamlined Deployment, Team Agility, Increased Automation ● Collaboration - Better Features, Early Defect Detection, Culture & Morale
  5. 5. Cloud - Lift Shift Scale ● Go SaaS - Modernizing existing applications by refactoring to hosted software or SaaS ● Go Digital - Deploying new applications for digital economy ● Go Cloud - Migrating existing applications to better cloud infrastructure
  6. 6. Cloud Partners - We Dont’t Do It Alone
  7. 7. Open Source - Capitalize Cloud & Prevent Lock-In
  8. 8. Newstar - Powering Your Digital Platform Phone: 408-434-6000 Email: Follow Us: Linkedin: Twitter: Site: