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  • 33 million in the UK1 in 5 Minutes Online Are Spent on Facebook
  • Average user spends 25 minutes a day on Facebook.
  • Top stories.
  • Every reporter should have a Page.
  • As part of SkipBayless launching his Facebook Timeline, ESPN’s First Take featured it in a big way by integrating it into the show experience. During a segment referencing the NBA Finals, the host referenced Skip’s predictions and pointed to his new Timeline. Viewers were encouraged to go to his Timeline to find out what his predictions were, which he posted there in advance. This offered viewers additional incentive to subscribe to Skip Bayless on Facebook.The on-air example not only referenced his Timeline, but also highlighted its key features, referencing that viewers can go back in time to see key moments in Skip’s career and old photos.The on-air mention also featured a direct link for his Timeline, as well as a quick description of why to subscribe to Skip on Facebook: “Follow skip daily throughout the NBA Finals”.
  • Every reporter should have a Page.
  • Go to Photo of your smartphone to sync photos.
  • Shortly after it was announced that President Obama won, the Huffington Post published a conversational “congrats” photo that got 260K likes & reshared 13K times.
  • Photo captionThumbnailAsk a question
  • Photo captionThumbnailAsk a question
  • Every reporter should have a Page.
  • Every reporter should have a Page.
  • Vadim lavrusik

    1. 1. News on FacebookVadim LavrusikFollow: @Lavrusik
    2. 2. 1B+ 680M +monthly active users Mobile active
    3. 3. Average UK User 130 +71Friends return daily %
    4. 4. Discovering content in News Feed • 4 billion pieces of content shared daily • Average user eligible to see 2,200 posts
    5. 5. News Feed: A Personalized NewspaperTop stories from your connections Connections: Pages & Profiles ① Frequency of engagement with Page Content ② Engagement with specific post ③ Interaction with types of content Feed Ranking ④ Negative feedback to content ⑤ Freshness of post News Feed User
    6. 6. …and New News FeedGetting rid of the clutter to showcase content
    7. 7. Real-Time Content Sections
    8. 8. More visual stories
    9. 9. Stories with sharing context
    10. 10. Discovery through friends on news sites
    11. 11. FollowConnect with anyone on Facebook
    12. 12. FollowEnable Follow on your current Timeline To Allow Followers:
    13. 13. Sharing Personal vs. PublicSelect target audience
    14. 14. Growing Your Followers
    15. 15. Growing Your FollowersFollow Button or Page Like Button for Websites
    16. 16. Growing Your FollowersOn-air talent mentions Example: ESPN’s First Take
    17. 17. Where to start? StorytellingLinks, Status Updates, Photos
    18. 18. PhotosFrom-the-Scene Photos
    19. 19. PhotosSync with Mobile for Easier Sharing
    20. 20. ConversationsFacebook Q&A with Followers
    21. 21. Page Best Practices Checklist Conversational tone, timely, focuses on imagery:Shortly after it was announced thatPresident Obama won, theHuffington Post published aconversational “congrats” photothat got 260K likes & reshared 13Ktimes.
    22. 22.  Use targeting 1 controls to reach the right audience 2 3
    23. 23.  Thumbnail Image & Link Teaser Which is more compelling? Use larger thumbnail for link stories. Links w/ thumbnails & teasers received 20% more clicks than links without. Recommended OG Image: 600 x 600px
    24. 24.  Incentivize EngagementSportsCenter uses its Facebook Page to prompt conversations around news storiesand features its fans’ comments on-air. This incentivizes more engagement from fans.
    25. 25. ReportingGraph Search: People
    26. 26. ReportingGraph Search: Photos & Places
    27. 27. ReportingGraph Search: Interests
    28. 28. Graph Search
    29. 29. ReportingCreate a Custom Feed for your Beat
    30. 30. ReportingCreate Custom Lists for
    31. 31. ReportingCrowdsourced Content
    32. 32. CrowdsourcingIntegrating into the show experience
    33. 33.
    34. 34. Questions?Follow: @Lavrusik