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Visual arts studio


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Photo narratives Grade 7 VIS

Published in: Education
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Visual arts studio

  1. 1. This photo does not follow any rules or elements. However, I think it is important because my theme is Entertainment within Lao communities and I think that it is important that I show who the people inside of the community are.
  2. 2. I personally find this the best photo that I took at the event. It has somewhat of leading lines because of the cage and the painting on the court. But the best thing about this photo is the depth. The four people also add balance to the photo, which makes it look better.
  3. 3. I took this photo to show that even within groups and communities, there are many different types of people. The man in the photo suffers from Poliomyelitis. He has 2 small children and lives a perfectly normal life. I think that this photo has excellent lightning as well as depth.
  4. 4. This boy is one of the two children of the disabled man.The line on his shirt act as leading lines to the focus point, his face.The shirt also has somewhat of a symmetric pattern which adds symmetry into the photo.The people in the background add depth and balance into the photo.
  5. 5. This photo shows the two teams who are playing against each other. Even though they are playing against each other, they are still supporting each other. This photo has some depth and the people in the background also balance out the photo.
  6. 6. This photo shows the referee of the game. Because the referee is the person who has the power in the game, I took the photo from below. Because the photo is taken from below, the photo has the sky as a background which looks very good.