The clocks have been set forward, its officially Spring and time for our first spring newsletter. We heard the inspiring story of how one of our users got a job through her presentation and had to share it with you. Read on!

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Resumes are Old School, Use SlideShare & Twitter to Get Hired

Laura Gainor wasn't always the PR & Social Media Strategist at Comet Branding and this is the story of how that came to be.

When Laura found out she and her husband were moving from Charlotte to Milwaukee, she reached out to companies in the area, including Comet Branding who tweeted about a job opening.

Laura set out to get herself hired by launching a #LauraGainorToMilwaukee campaign that mixed in Twitter, FourSquare and SlideShare.

Laura and her husband had already planned a trip to Milwaukee. She made a poster out of the Comet Brand logo and posted pictures of the poster in various venues at Milwaukee with a Foursquare check-in and a tweet. The campaign was fun, spontaneous and creative and showcased Laura's personality and creativity.

But Laura also wanted to showcase her experience as well as creative and strategic talents. So she uploaded a presentation to SlideShare and periodically tweeted links to that presentation.

"SlideShare allowed me the opportunity to publicly explain what I did and how I did it, to get the attention of Comet Branding," said Laura.

Laura pulled together photos to create a virtual resume as well as screenshots of her Foursquare check-ins from Milwaukee.

"My goal for my SlideShare presentation was to create a story about who I was, my professional experience, showcase my talents that would make me a good fit for Comet Branding, as well as pull together my #LauraGainorToMilwaukee story into one place," Laura explained.

The very day Laura's presentation was uploaded, it made it to SlideShare's 'Most Popular' and was passed around on SlideShare and the Twittersphere. She got tweets and direct messages from all over.

There were even teachers downloading the presentation to show their classes and example of presenting yourself as a brand to possible employers.

Comet Branding also noticed Laura. They contacted her to setup a first interview. On March 1st she went in for a second interview and was immediately offered the position!

Laura says, "I feel very honored to have had my first day in my new desk at Comet Branding on Wednesday, March 3rd."

If you are looking for a job, take a lesson from Laura's book - showcase yourself through a presentation and use Twitter or Facebook to get the attention of the company you want to work at.

(PS: Harish Shankaran who recently joined SlideShare caught our attention through his great presentations on SlideShare. We loved the way he thinks and reached out - now he is part of the SlideShare team!)

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