Case Study: How a Startup Overhauled their Marketing Strategy with LeadShare

This is the story of how our new business service, LeadShare changed a startup's sales strategy. If you have a story to share, get in touch!

Personal Medicine is a startup with sights set on bringing back the lost art of the house call.

The futurists at Personal Medicine believe there's a way to bring it back, but their challenge has been enlisting both doctors and patients.Their initial marketing efforts involved traditional avenues such as trade shows and banner ads. LeadShare changed that.

"Leadshare, combined with the viral sales capacity of Slideshare has resulted in a complete turnaround of our go to market strategy." says Dr. Natalie Hodge, co-founder of Personal Medicine. "We are exclusively selling now through Leadshare."

Personal Medicine had been planning to pursue more funding. But with a 100% close rate on leads from LeadShare, the company expects to bootstrap its way through 2010 without additional funding.

Dr. Hodge comments, "This shows the power of inbound marketing and being ready to sell when the prospect is ready to buy!  Our prospects are coming to us and my partner and I can't sign them up fast enough!"

Personal Medicine puts their lead forms on SlideShare on the last slide. They don't block content - this set up reduces the number of leads collected, but gives them more qualified leads.

"The old days of hiring a sales team in health care service industry that 'pushes' out to sell to physicians is over," says Dr. Hodge.

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