SlideShare Newsletter January 2009
SlideShare takes over YouTube (sorta)We've been asked many times, "What if I have a video in my presentation?" Sometimes there is a product demo, a movie clip, or a screencast and there just hasn't been a good way to share it on SlideShare.

Starting today you can embed YouTube videos into SlideShare. It's really easy.  After uploading your video, go to your presentation. Choose the slide and paste the embed code for the video. We will add a slide in that spot with the video embedded.

You can embed multiple videos into the slide. Have fun with it!

View Video Embed Demo
View the demo or learn more.

How to Show Up 'Most Viewed'We have been crunching the data to understand what makes for popular presentations and here is what we found. A great, catchy title helps a lot. We found a lot of great presentations with dreary titles and a lot of dreary presentations with catchy titles. Remember catchy titles help get people to view your presentaiton.

We also found that thumbnails matter. A eye-catching thumbnail can have double the number of views than same presentation with bad thumbnails. By the way, its not enough to have a great first slide. See how it shows up when you convert the presentation. Also remember you can upload a jpg to be used as the thumbnail if you don't like the way the first slide shows up.

And overall dark thumbnails seem to get more views than light thumbnails. Don't ask us why :-)

Keynote '09 Support Coming Soon

If you followed MacWorld you probably caught the iWork '09 announcement. This new version of Apple's productivity suite changes the way Keynote files are saved.

We are working on supporting the new Keynote format so iWork '09 users can have as much fun on SlideShare as the rest of us. Stay tuned to our blog for updates, or you can just grab the blog's rss feed.

10 Reasons Presentations will be Big in '09EYP from has a great series of slideshows on "10 Reasons Presentations will be big in 2009. Here's his first four!

1) Books
2) Speakers
3) Slide design evolution
4) Blogs
Top 10 Reasons Presentations will be big in 2009
To be continued ..

Let SlideShare Find you More CustomersDo you use search engine marketing (google adwords or similar?). We have a new beta program to help you connect with potential customers on slideshare.   Send an email to to learn more.


Cool SlideShows
Some of the coolest stuff we saw this month includes the Markopolos Madoff Complaint, a presentation on The Science of Presentations, and some Stunning Photos.

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