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Case Sportspectrum - new shoes today


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Case Sportspectrum - new shoes today

  1. 1. 1 NEW SHOES TODAY • ROAD TO CREATION, INNOVATION AND CHANGELET ,S MOVE!SPORTSPECTRUMThe Importance of Remembering Your IdealsAfter two years of careful preparation, the Dutch municipality of Alphen-aan-den-Rijn’s sports department became an independent company: Sportspectrum.From that moment on the new company was responsible for profits andlosses. It was now entirely up to the management, Kees van Veen and PeterVrisekoop, to create an efficient organisation with the municipality as theirmain client.Godelieve Spaas explains: ‘I met them one year later. They weren’t that happywith their new situation at all. Their main activities were encouraging people towork harder, better and faster on the one hand, and on the other to negotiatewith their one and only client about prices over and over again. The instabilityof the local political situation and the ensuing risks were other issues to consider.They had to decide on how to go further: evolving towards a lean and meanorganisation, preparing for a take-over or creating a completely new conceptto break out of this vicious circle.’ As Sportspectrum’s core business is facilitating exercise, Kees and Peterwent to the seaside for a couple of days to take some lengthy walks and dosome brain exercise. Their hikes along the shore and the dunes brought themback to what they strongly believed in: inviting people to a lifetime of exer-cise and offering that possibility to everybody.To achieve this goal they needed good sporting infrastructure (which theyalready had) and a lot of new initiatives and ideas to get people exercising.And most of all: money. They started to design their ideal organisation forthe future.They saw Sportspectrum as a hub between all parties involved with exerciseand movement in society. They would build up knowledge and ideas and belike the spider in the web, connecting all parties and sharing knowledgeabout the vision of a healthy and flexible body, enjoying exercising, linkingthis to a healthy and open society. The involved parties include the munici-pality, companies, and all kinds of people and organisations with ideas andplans on physical exercise for groups of people.Their motto: We are a reliable partner for everybody who wishes or has ideasto improve physical fitness. We want to be the best partner to co-create withand we offer a link between knowledge, exercising and social goals.WWW.NEWSHOESTODAY.COM
  2. 2. 2 NEW SHOES TODAY • ROAD TO CREATION, INNOVATION AND CHANGEEnthusiasmPeter and Kees initiated dialogues in their network to find out how to realisethis. And by co-creating with their employees, their partners and new clientsthey found pathways towards solutions.Instead of focusing on efficiency, they proposed a new deal to the local gov-ernment: ‘If we make a profit by working more efficiently, we will use that moneyto realise your goals. You want to increase the number of people that activelyexercise. We will realise that by combining our knowledge, our fun in exercis-ing and our social responsibility with your short and long term local policy.’They made a similar proposal to the companies in the area: ‘If you let usorganise the sporting activities for your employees, we will make sure thatour profit is used for creating more sporting activities in our community.’Sportspectrum initiated all kinds of experiments to show their potential cus-tomers what to expect, like a swimming course to get fit for your skiing holiday,aqua dancing and a street football tournament.For these experiments they asked their employees to join them in co-creatingnew concepts for exercising. They were invited to think and act along thesame lines as the management: ‘Go back to what you believe is good foryou and good for society. Share your knowledge, your fun and your involve-ment, just like Sportspectrum does with its environment.’The Situation NowSportspectrum is now an important partner for the municipality of Alphen-aan-den-Rijn. As an advisor, it evaluates the realisation and effectivenessof local policy on sports and exercise. Other local governments have showntheir interest in becoming partners for facilitating and exploiting their sportsfacilities and activities. Several companies have asked Sportspectrum toorganise sports activities for their employees. In this way they contributeto the vitality of their employees as well as to the local community.The employees are growing in their new roles: taking initiatives, generatingnew concepts and working in co-creation with all kind of partners. And theyare never afraid of sharing their knowledge with everyone who needs it,wants it or is interested. The habit of giving has become a main value intheir company strategy.WWW.NEWSHOESTODAY.COM