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2   NEW SHOES TODAY        •   ROAD TO CREATION, INNOVATION AND CHANGEDreamA dream was put forward to trigger as many PGGM...
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Case PGGM - new shoes today


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Case PGGM - new shoes today

  1. 1. 1 NEW SHOES TODAY • ROAD TO CREATION, INNOVATION AND CHANGEEXCITING ONE MILLION CLIENTSPGGMIncreasing the Creative Capacity of a Pension FundMartijn van Kooij is passionate about creativity and believes that any organi-sation uses only a small fraction of the creative potential of its employees.He works as Manager of Business Development and Innovation (BDI) for PGGM,the Pension Fund for Care and Welfare in the Netherlands. PGGM is a wellknown company with over one million customers and around 1100 employees.The company had defined five critical factors for success, one of them beingthe ‘creative capacity’ of the organisation. Martijn (BDI) and Ramon Vullings(new shoes today) laid out a programme: ‘Increase the Creative Capacity ofPGGM’ based on 3 pillars. • Developing attitudes and skills for creative thinking (culture) • Getting inspiration and generating ideas (ideas) • Putting ideas into action (implementation)Attitude, Space, InitiativesThe usual way to organise large changes within PGGM is a top-downapproach. For this programme, they decided to go bottom-up and let theemployees explore and follow their own passion.BDI did not want to focus on ideas, but on initiatives. People with ideas wereencouraged to come into action. They were supported in developing theircreative skills via a train-the-coach approach and were encouraged to changetheir working environment.Key Activities in the Experiment were: • 20 PGGM volunteers (who had attended a training programme for facilitating creative sessions) took up the task of ‘change agent’, helping the organisation with ‘postponing judgement’, increasing openness for new ideas • Creative sessions aimed at process improvement and alternative prod- ucts (pension solutions) were organised • A new intranet site was developed as an inspirational environment, with quotes, images, cases of applied creativity from around the world, current initiatives within PGGM and a special innovation toolkit. Note that this was certainly not an idea management system. The intranet solution was aimed at sharing initiatives and linking people with pas- sion in this large organisation • Specific communications were set up: a creativity toolbox with quick reference cards, an irregular innovation newsletter and many physical inspirational items in the PGGM officesWWW.NEWSHOESTODAY.COM
  2. 2. 2 NEW SHOES TODAY • ROAD TO CREATION, INNOVATION AND CHANGEDreamA dream was put forward to trigger as many PGGM employees as possible.The dream was formulated as: ‘Let’s make the front page of the largest finan-cial newspaper in the Netherlands with a PGGM innovation.’But this is only one example. Many activities took place, from bringing togetherthe top 100 people in the company for a World Café* meeting on values, tohaving poets ‘rhyme’ meeting minutes, having clowns into the work environ-ment and having the top management brainstorm in an elderly home (theplace where their ‘real customers’ reside). Opening up the attitude towardschange was the goal.The front page was a bit out of league, yet PGGM did manage to make thethird page of Het Financiële Dagblad with one of their new initiatives, thedevelopment of a pension in kind – a pension not just based on money, butalso partly on services – which is now one of PGGM’s on-going developments.Looking back at the process these were the major learning points: • Start with a small team who believe they can change things • Make sure you make initial successes and added value visible to the organisation • Acknowledge ‘nearlings’ and continue to share them throughout the whole organisation • Work bottom-up. Individual passion helps to overcome internal hurdles • Make sure creativity is a means, not an end in itself • Keep focusing on ‘giving space’ for new initiatives and allowing experiments, knowing you need some nearlings to generate success*A World Café conversation is a creative process for leading collaborative dialogue, sharingknowledge and creating possibilities for action in groups of all sizes. See www.theworldcafe.comWWW.NEWSHOESTODAY.COM