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News-Herald Advertising Manager Tim Ingle discusses how to put advertising on your blog, and what advertisers and sponsors would look for before deciding whether to advertise with you.

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Advertising on Your Blog

  1. 1. Advertising on Your Blog Tim Ingle Advertising Manager The News-Herald
  2. 2. Advantages• Opportunity to make some money for something you’re already doing• Credibility – Having ads shows you’re content is worth investing in. • Investment of time by readers • Investment of money by advertisers/sponsors
  3. 3. How To Make it Happen• Templates in Blogger – Can be designed to accommodate advertising units. • Ads can be pulled in from Google AdWords & Google AdSense• Find a local “sponsor” for your blog – You can incorporate their logo, etc. into the design of your blog template
  4. 4. Google AdSense• Easiest way to have ads on your blog• Ads are fed to your blog – Based on keywords/tags in your blog posts • Makes for relevant ads. The more relevant the ad is, the more likely an ad will be clicked on. – You don’t have to do a thing – just blog!• Money is paid based on ads that are clicked – Advertisers set up campaigns, budgets for their ads.
  5. 5. Google AdSense• Share the Space – Don’t bury ad units at the bottom of the page – You want the advertisements to be in an area that readers are looking at – Fixed to the right of the template, and at the bottom of blog posts are two good spots • Visible locations that don’t interfere with your content
  6. 6. Getting Set Up on Google Adsense• Google AdSense – Step-by-step instructions – FREE for you to use on your blog – Provides metrics/stats to show results • You’ll find some ad placements will generate more clicks – due to visibility, etc. • Long-version of link above is: – wer=50288&ctx=cb&src=cb&cbid=hsd9w43tnqac&cbrank=0
  7. 7. Sponsors• Could be successful, especially if your blog has a niche-type theme.• Incorporate logo, etc. for sponsor into blog template
  8. 8. Making Money!• Traffic – The more traffic to your blog, the more likely to get clicks on ads. Clicks = $$ – The more visits your blog receives, the more likely a sponsor is to back you, and the more they’re likely to pay. – Use social media (Facebook, Twitter) to reach a large audience that can then share your posts with their friends & followers
  9. 9. Getting Rich Quick!• This will NOT happen!• Writing your blog should be your primary focus, any money made is a bonus!• Traffic, content and popularity of your blog will all inevitably determine the amount of money you’ll make.
  10. 10. Questions?If you have any advertising-related questions as your blog progresses, you can reach me via e- mail at, with “Community Media Lab” in the subject line