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Press Release Writing


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Do you understand how to write a press release that really delivers what journalists want? Use our press release template and press release guide and find out you how powerful a press release can be. Use it to improve media relations and get more media coverage. It includes a useful press release template.

When Adelaide software developer NetStart launched the world’s first system for managing and displaying menus on an iPAD, they sent out a Press Release using the Newsmaker press release service – this package provided targeted distribution to a media list of journalists; social media distribution; and online media monitoring.

This simple press release resulted in not only PR coverage but business success, according to MenuPAD’s developer, NetStart Managing Director Jock Gordon. Within minutes of hitting “submit” the phone started ringing.

Based on media coverage across all media in which Mr Gordon was directly quoted, the young entrepreneur received hundreds of phone calls from potential customers asking him to customise the interactive menu system for hospitality venues – from the Middle East through to a significant restaurant chain owner, who has since become a major investor.

How did they succeed?
MENUPAD had the hallmarks of a great story
The story focused on one single launch event.
iPADs are sexy.
It was a world first.
There was an example of Menupad being used In a well known restaurant.
There were visual and news hooks.

You need to decide the single focus of your press release. Don’t clutter your Press Release with too many angles and ideas. Keep it simple. Keep it relevant to your target journalists and their readers, viewers or listeners.

Journalists want something NEW – that’s why it’s called NEWS!
This often means riding the wave of a story that’s already trending. In some cases, you might get media coverage solely featuring you, or you may be part of a larger article on the topic.

The goal of a journalist and blogger is not to reprint your press releases – it’s to engage readers and get more views, listeners, readers and subscribers. Write your press release so that the journalist can pick up the core of the story and run with it. Something boring certainly won’t entertain the readers, so why would they write about it? Make sure you have summed up why they should run the story in the Subject Line, Headline and first paragraph.

Be careful with our use of gimmicks – they can result in your being the butt of many an online forum’s jokes for months to come.

When a journalist is on a deadline, they need to get the story done on time. Give your direct contact details and make sure you are around to answer questions.

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Press Release Writing

  1. 1. * PR Template & Case Study Included! * Press Release Writing Guide A Step by Step Template to Writing Press Releases h"p://  
  2. 2. Press Releases - What’s the big deal? An Apple product launch starts months ahead with a PR strategy -- a ‘whispering campaign’ to the top journalists and bloggers, who want to be first with the news. This represents hundreds of thousands of dollars in free publicity.  
  3. 3. Where to start and how to tell a compellingly simple story
  4. 4. Your story should give media what they want •  Innovation, ‘firsts’ •  Background colour for the ‘news of the day’ •  Big numbers, stats, surveys, trends •  Well known people, celebs •  Human interest – pain, tragedy, humour, inspiration •  Make them care!  
  5. 5. How to write a headline •  Keep  headlines  to  8  words  or  less   •  Most  headlines  will  be  the  subject  line  of  the   email  –  make  it  impossible  to  ignore   •  Eliminate  useless  ar@cles  ‘a’,  ‘an’,  ‘the’,  ‘this’,   ‘these’  etc   •  Sum  up  your  story     •  Write  a  “sub-­‐head”  to  capture  important   details  
  6. 6. Press Release Template I   •   Date,  City,  State     •   Introductory  Dotpoints  or  Summary     •   First  Paragraph:  The  whole  Press  Release  is   wri"en  from  an  outsider’s  perspec@ve  –  no   “we”,  “I”  or  “you”  outside  quota@on  marks.    
  7. 7. Press Release Template II The body of your Press Release •  Second paragraph: The major outcome– if you can mention large numbers or someone well known, so much the better. •  Third and Fourth Paragraphs: Introduce and quote your main spokesperson and include another hook – such as a major industry or societal trend. Copyright  (c)  2012  Leila  Henderson  
  8. 8. Press Release Template III Stick to the point •  Remaining detail: “Close with a quotation” from your main spokesperson •  Attach images: Great pics will always sell the story. •  Short company profile to establish credibility •  Clear Contact Details
  9. 9. Develop good Media Relations •  Use gimmicks with care; they can backfire •  Deliver on your promises, but don’t be a pest •  Don’t depend on 1 press release - build your online presence and keep journalists posted so when they need a comment, they think of you
  10. 10. Press Releases are easy to share.
  12. 12. MENUPAD
  13. 13. MENUPAD NewsMaker Monitors & Reports on Your Press Release Media  Coverage  in   na@onal  and   interna@onal  press  +   On-­‐page  analy@cs  
  14. 14. Now you’re ready to send your Press Release! Select your Media List at Contact or phone +61 (0) 414 69 70 71 to