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Press Release Distribution Guide



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Press Release Distribution Guide

  1. 1. Press Release Distribution Guide A Step by Step Guide to Publishing and Distributing your Press Release
  2. 2. Media Coverage + Social News = Influence Press releases make it easy for people to connect to your brand story. Google News, Alerts & Search
  3. 3. There is no fee to create an account or to try out the features. When you decide to publish or distribute your release, payment can take place via a subscription or PAYG via Paypal. Log In or Sign Up
  4. 4. • Create Press Release • My Press Releases – all your draft and published PRs • My Media Lists – using our journalist contacts • My Newsrooms – your news archive • My Contacts – for you and your clients Press Releases Dropdown Folders
  5. 5. • Click “Press Releases/Create Press Release” from any page, or “Send a Press Release” on the homepage. • To open the Press Release Template
  6. 6. Select Online Only for your Search and Google News Press Releases. Flat fee $22. Select PR Pro - $44 for each News Category – to send to Journalists and News Subscribers Choose Your Service
  7. 7. Copy/paste or write your Press Release: Headline, Keywords or Summary, Body Copy; Cover Letter for PR PRO releases. Save draft! Drafts are saved to ‘My Press Releases’. The ‘Update’ tab can be used even after publication to make any changes. Press Release Template
  8. 8. Write a cover letter that includes the main reasons a journalist might want to cover your news. Press Release Template Formatting Bar
  9. 9. Schedule your press release to publish/send immediately or at a specific time. You can email the release to journalists before the release is published online (a good tactic to ensure this is fresh news) Timezone is AEST. Scheduling & Embargoes
  10. 10. Create or select a Contact Profile where journalists can reach you or your clients to arrange an interview or photo shoot. Your Contact Details
  11. 11. Enter at least a company name, email and web address. The “about” section is optional. Create Contacts
  12. 12. Create a new Media List or select an existing Media List. View an existing list by hovering then clicking the ‘magnifying glass’ icon next to the list name. (If you edit an existing list, click the Media List tab again to return to this Page.) Choose or Create a Media List
  13. 13. Select Categories from 1 or more Groups. Click Save. You’ll then be prompted to Select Media Types, Regions and Outlets. Building Your Media List
  14. 14. For each Category, select from National and State-based media and media outlet types (radio, TV, etc). Click Save. You should see a list of Media Outlets next. If not, return to this page to select and save. Select Regions and Media Types
  15. 15. ‘Select All’ Media Outlets and edit; or ‘Unselect All’ and choose only those you think are relevant to your press release. Click Save to return to the Press Release Template. At that point click Save & Continue to proceed. Select Media Outlets
  16. 16. This news archive is optional but will be very useful if you want a news feed for social media or to find all your press releases quickly. Create Newsroom
  17. 17. It’s recommended that you Proofread and, for PR Pro, Send Test Email. You will receive 2 versions, one with your cover letter, for journalists, and one without, for subscribers. Email Preview
  18. 18. Check invoice and click Proceed to Payment. If you have prepaid, the total will be $0.00. An editor will view your press release before verifying; please allow for this in your timing, especially if this is your first press release. Publish & Pay
  19. 19. For Press Release Distribution, Editing or Writing Please Contact or phone +61 (0) 414 69 70 71