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Media Survey - Journalists Spell Out What they Want from PR


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Journalists say what drives them mad about press releases and PR pitches - what works and what doesn't.

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Media Survey - Journalists Spell Out What they Want from PR

  1. 1. NATIONAL MEDIA SURVEY NewsMaker surveyed over 2,000 Australian Journalists across business, technology, lifestyle and general news. All media types were represented.
  3. 3. What’s the vital ingredient journalists are looking for? NATIONAL MEDIA SURVEY
  4. 4. “Having a specific region mentioned in the subject line/headline catches my eye more than anything.” - Journalist, Australian Media Survey Headlines should be short, punchy and to the point Adelaide Launches Australia’s Bid to Host International Astronautical Congress WHAT JOURNALISTS SAID ABOUT PR CONTENT
  5. 5. Get to the point with a strong summary Find more examples at “I like to read a one paragraph synopsis which will either capture my attention or not. That's more important than a headline.” WHAT JOURNALISTS SAID ABOUT PR CONTENT “Anything longer than a par of two is going to be too complicated to tell on radio”
  6. 6. What: Kicktone is the first Australian startup to pitch in the finals of Midemlab When: 1 - 4 February 2014 Where: Palais de Festivals, Cannes, France Why?: Kicktone is set to change the face of music discovery worldwide; Australian business competes on global stage; Kicktone is a graduate of Australia’s ANZ Innovyz START business accelerator. WHAT JOURNALISTS SAID ABOUT PR CONTENT Example summary
  7. 7. One big negative is when it leaves me asking “ ‘why would anyone care about this?’ 9 OUT OF 10 Journalists Say Research/Stats most important for Release Provide research or other relevant evidence WHAT JOURNALISTS SAID WOULD HELP YOUR PITCH
  8. 8. 86% UNIVERSITY RESEARCH MOST CREDIBLE SOURCE Journalists were asked to order the most credible research sources. They were: 1. Universities 2. Government agencies 3. ASIC 100 companies 4. SMEs 5. Market research companies 6. Pharmaceutical Companies 7. Political parties WHAT JOURNALISTS SAID WOULD HELP YOUR PITCH
  9. 9. WHAT JOURNALISTS SAID WOULD HELP YOUR PITCH “Opportunity to contact the sender for extra, exclusive quotes/details, and ability to source further information to flesh out a complete story that can stand on its merit.” It may seem obvious but make contact details clear – and make sure your media contact is available
  10. 10. “Give us links to download videos, audio and large photos if we want to, rather than attaching them to an email.” WHAT JOURNALISTS SAID WOULD HELP YOUR PITCH Great Images and Video improve your chances for visual media
  11. 11. 93% PREFERRED A TEXT BASED EMAIL 1. Text-based email 2. Text and a PDF 3. PDF alone 4. Phone 5. Social media 6. Postal mail 7. Fax WHAT JOURNALISTS SAID WOULD HELP YOUR PITCH “Include it in the body of an email, do NOT expect me to click to open another document. Too busy. And for God's sake do not put MEDIA RELEASE in the subject line!! Both these things will guarantee I simply delete the email and move on.”
  12. 12. DON’T SELL OR SPIN IN PRESS RELEASES “Lack of obvious spin or clumsy branding references, basis for claims, relevance to my readership, clear language, simple formatting -- in short, does it inform my readers? = yes. Does it attempt to sell at my readers = No.” WHAT JOURNALISTS SAID WOULD HELP YOUR PITCH “Provide 2 or more viewpoints so it’s not a product flog”
  13. 13. NATIONAL MEDIA SURVEY In summary, what Journalists consider important
  14. 14. WHAT JOURNALISTS SAID WOULD HELP YOUR PITCH When all’s said and done, here’s what works…… “Newsworthiness - don't bury the lead, and don't make me read a page and a half to find a key fact / quote / statistic.” “Professionalism, speedy response times, willing to go the extra mile with setting up supplementary elements such as a pic, etc, and, when it's pitched - most afternoons are deadline time so mornings are much better. And please don't follow up the send with a phone call mere moments after it's sent. If we're interested or want more info, we'll follow up - and usually quite swiftly, especially if we know it's an exclusive.”
  15. 15. NATIONAL MEDIA SURVEY For a demo, contact: phone +61 (0) 414 69 70 71 Twitter @newsmaker