Operation-ROAD (Reminder On Accidental Deaths) Preview On- 11-07-2011


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Operation-ROAD-Preview Dated- 11-07-2011, Courtesy- Ghansham Ojha, F&P IYSO Team INDIA, Karimnagar-A.P, INDIA-505001

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Operation-ROAD (Reminder On Accidental Deaths) Preview On- 11-07-2011

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  3. 3. JAI BHARATH<br /> PREVIEW<br /> Date: 11-07-2011 <br />Releasing Shortly <br />Online Worldwide<br />Your method of DRIVEis a secret of your LIFE!<br />
  4. 4. JAI BHARATH<br />Dear All,<br />Our survey<br />“Operation-ROAD”<br />starts with the intention to aware our fellow beings about road safety norm <br />& <br />we the members of IYSO Team INDIA<br />wish to creates awareness among our <br />beloved friends<br />on <br />“Road Safety Rules & Signs”<br />Worldwide<br />“Let’s join our hands to create awareness among all section of people about ROAD SAFETY MEASURES - WORLDWIDE”<br />.<br />
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  7. 7. MESSAGE<br />.<br />
  8. 8. MESSAGE<br />
  9. 9. V.C.Sajjanar, I.P.S.,<br />Superintendent of Police,<br />District: Medak-(A.P)<br />
  10. 10.
  11. 11. ShahnawazQasim, I.P.S.,<br />Superintendent of Police,<br />District: Warangal-(A.P)<br />MESSAGE<br />
  12. 12. From:<br />Dr.Tarun Joshi, I.P.S.,<br /> Officer On Special Duty,<br /> Warangal-(A.P)<br />Date: 01-01-2010<br />MESSAGE<br />To<br />GhanshamOjha,<br />Founder & President (IYSO) Team India,<br />Indian Youth Secured Organisation,<br />Karimnagar-(A.P)<br />
  13. 13. MESSAGE<br />
  14. 14.
  15. 15. C.L.N.Gandhi,<br />Addl Transport Commissioner,<br />Government of Andhra Pradesh.<br />MESSAGE<br />
  16. 16. MESSAGE<br />
  17. 17. WHAT’S MEAN BY<br />ROAD?<br />FORMULA-ROAD<br />1<br />2<br />3<br /> Courtesy: GHANSHAM OJHA, F&P IYSO Team INDIA. Feedback on: feedback.iyso@gmail.com<br />
  18. 18. What we have to do on the ROADS ?<br />What we should not do on the ROADS?<br />What type of precautions should we take on ROADS?<br />What are the advantage if we follow the Road Safety -Rules & Signs!<br />Why should we learn Road safety education?<br />.<br />
  19. 19. * What we have to do- <br />on the ROAD!<br /><ul><li>We should be sincere on the ROAD’s!
  20. 20. We should respect the other ROAD users!
  21. 21. We should create awareness among our citizens on ROAD safety measures!
  22. 22. We should make aware our children's to learn ROAD safety education!
  23. 23. We should be careful where we find the hazard TRAFFIC!
  24. 24. We should be careful when we cross the other side of ROAD!
  25. 25. We should respect the concerned officers, who are standing for our safe journey!
  26. 26. We should alert TRAFFIC violators not to repeat there mistakes!</li></li></ul><li>* What we have to do- <br />on the ROAD!<br /><ul><li>We should help the needy at the time of ROAD accidents for His/Her immediate first aid!
  27. 27. We should give immediate clearance to the AMBULANCE service!
  28. 28. We should stand to operate the Huge-Traffic when the concerned officers seek our concerned!
  29. 29. We should use the foot paths for safe walk on the ROAD!
  30. 30. We should not forget to follow the lane marking, which can help us to avoid ROAD Accidents & Accidental deaths!
  31. 31. We should help the handicapped people to cross the ROAD’s!
  32. 32. We should not break the Traffic Rules & Signs!</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>We should not make fun on the ROADS, which creates the inconvenience to the other ROAD users!
  33. 33. We should not park our vehicle in the middle of the ROAD / NO Parking!
  34. 34. We should not take risky overtaking and also we should not encourage other ROAD users for overtaking!
  35. 35. We should not use sound polluted horn’s on the ROAD!
  36. 36. We should not play on the ROAD!
  37. 37. We should not break the Traffic Rules & Signs!
  38. 38. We should not spit on the ROAD!
  39. 39. We should not drive overload in passenger / good vehicles!
  40. 40. We should not Drunk (Alcohol) & Drive! </li></li></ul><li>What type of precautions- <br />should we take on ROAD’s!<br /><ul><li>We should follow the Traffic rules & signs!
  41. 41. We should not jump the Traffic signals at junctions!
  42. 42. We should be sincere on the ROAD!
  43. 43. We should follow the line marking on the ROADS!
  44. 44. We should wear HELMET on two wheeler to avoid head injuries!
  45. 45. We should wear seat belt while we drive the 4-Wheeler!
  46. 46. We should be careful while we overtaking the opposite motor vehicle & give hand signal / electronic indicator well in advance!
  47. 47. We should not drive High-Speed! Speed thrills, but kills…!
  48. 48. We should not consume alcohol, when we drive! </li></li></ul><li>* What type of precautions <br />should we take on ROAD’s!<br /><ul><li>We should not talk on mobile phone, when we drive!
  49. 49. We should use the hand signal or electronic indication when we take turn the vehicle!
  50. 50. We should be careful when we cross the ROAD!
  51. 51. We should alert EMERGENCY services at the time of emergencies!
  52. 52. We should take proper training from the concerned officers on ROAD SAFETY MEASURES!
  53. 53. We should not Drive/Ride the vehicle without “Valid Driving License” issued by the concerned authorities!
  54. 54. We should ask immediately to the concerned officers, if we have doubts on ROAD SAFETY MEASURES!
  55. 55. We should keep total valid documents of VEHICLE!</li></li></ul><li>* What are the advantages if -<br />we've follow ROAD safety rules!<br /><ul><li>We can be a good citizen of INDIA by following Traffic Rules & Signs!
  56. 56. We can be a role model to the next generation!
  57. 57. We can able to help the people who are less educated on ROAD safety measures!
  58. 58. We can make aware people on Traffic Rules & Signs!
  59. 59. We can secure our life from ROAD accidents & accidental deaths , by following ROAD SAFETY MEASURES!
  60. 60. We can be a part of safe & secure society, which everyone needs and have the feelings to live safely!</li></li></ul><li>* What are the advantages if -<br />we've follow ROAD safety rules!<br /><ul><li>We can also educate our next generation on controlling Huge Motor Vehicle Population!
  61. 61. We can STOP Traffic violators and extend our helping hand to the concerned officer!
  62. 62. We can helpful to needy human being when EMERGENCY call for at the time of ROAD accidents!
  63. 63. We can be in our speed limits!
  64. 64. We can plan our destination earlier, so we can reach safely where someone, somewhere waiting for us!
  65. 65. We can helpful to the concerned authorities byextendour helping hand for ROAD awareness programs!</li></li></ul><li>* Why should we learn ROAD safety rules!<br /><ul><li>We should learn Traffic Rules & Signs to live courageously!
  66. 66. We should learn Road safety rules, because with the increase of MOTOR vehicle population in this current world, Road safety subject calls for a greater attention!
  67. 67. We should learn ROAD safety education, how to behavior on ROAD!
  68. 68. We should learn ROAD safety education to know our Skills & Limits!
  69. 69. We should learn ROAD safety, how to escape from ROAD Accidents & Accidental deaths!
  70. 70. We should learn ROAD safety measures to know our driving skills !
  71. 71. We should learn ROAD safety education to aware all section of people!
  72. 72. We should learn ROAD safety measures to create awareness among our fellow beings and ask them to follow the Traffic Rules & Signs.</li></li></ul><li>OUR SAY, on ROAD!<br /><ul><li>ROAD is a path were a human being itself choose to step forward safely to reach His/her destination without harm. Because some where, someone is waiting for He/She. But at the same time in this huge Traffic-World ROAD’s are became hazard to the human being to processed for which they have chosen to their safe path and reach their destination safely.</li></li></ul><li>OUR SAY, on ROAD!<br /><ul><li>After careful consideration in the matter of ROAD SAFETY MEASURES, we the members of IYSO Team INDIA decided to launch a new-era in this regard and started our noble mission “Operation-ROAD” in large interest of public and started our survey on ROAD designing and the spots where the Accidents were took place regularly and we focused on such Accident spots on National & State Highway’s of INDIA. Were as we found that certain types of sites are definite accident locations and it was overlooked by the concerned authorities and not yet focused on such locations to amended, where they has to give greater attention in the matter. But overlooked!
  73. 73. If the general travelling public know the accident spots they can negotiate with such location with caution and avoid accidents. A few such accident locations are described in this noble project.</li></li></ul><li>*ourSURVEY START’S- <br />WITH THE ACCIDENTS! <br /><ul><li>Serious accidents occurring on road is a matter of great concern for all of us. Not a day passes when we do not hear the sad news report of at least 2 or 3 serious road accidents in our society as per Electronic & News Paper media.
  74. 74. Almost everyone has been affected by such accidents at one time or the other, either it’s a minor or major., because a relative or friend is somehow connected to such evil. The number of deaths per annum is more than 10000 motor vehicle across the country and it was tallied about 10 to 15 times more than that in other countries.</li></li></ul><li>*ourSURVEY START’S- <br />WITH THE ACCIDENTS! <br /><ul><li>The types of motor vehicle is also increasing day by day in our Nation & Worldwide. Though it is a sign of improving economy of our countries. It is a bitter truth that is also adds the graph of ROAD accidents on roads and it is a great loss to the precious human life in this heavy traffic world. Unless there is an widespread awareness among our citizens, it is difficult control the road accidents and accidental deaths worldwide. Accidental deaths leaves only pain to the victims families! </li></li></ul><li> few photographs<br />of road <br />ACCIDENTAL DEATHS? <br />
  75. 75.
  76. 76. few photographs<br />of road <br />ACCIDENTAL DEATHS? <br />
  77. 77.
  78. 78. few photographs<br />of road <br />ACCIDENTAL DEATHS? <br />
  79. 79.
  80. 80. few photographs<br />of road <br />ACCIDENTAL DEATHS? <br />
  81. 81.
  82. 82. few photographs<br />of road <br />ACCIDENTAL DEATHS? <br />
  83. 83.
  84. 84. few photographs<br />of road <br />ACCIDENTAL DEATHS? <br />
  85. 85.
  86. 86. few photographs<br />of road <br />ACCIDENTAL DEATHS? <br />
  87. 87.
  88. 88. few photographs<br />of road <br />ACCIDENTAL DEATHS? <br />
  89. 89.
  90. 90. few photographs<br />of road <br />ACCIDENTAL DEATHS? <br />
  91. 91.
  92. 92. few photographs<br />of road <br />ACCIDENTAL DEATHS? <br />
  93. 93.
  94. 94. few photographs<br />of road <br />ACCIDENTAL DEATHS? <br />
  95. 95.
  96. 96. few photographs<br />of road <br />ACCIDENTAL DEATHS? <br />
  97. 97.
  98. 98. few photographs<br />of road <br />ACCIDENTAL DEATHS? <br />
  99. 99.
  100. 100. few photoGRAPHS<br />of road <br />ACCIDENTAL DEATHS? <br />
  101. 101.
  102. 102. few photoGRAPHS<br />of road <br />ACCIDENTAL DEATHS? <br />
  103. 103.
  104. 104. few photoGRAPHS<br />of road <br />ACCIDENTAL DEATHS? <br />
  105. 105.
  106. 106. few photoGRAPHS<br />of road <br />ACCIDENTAL DEATHS? <br />
  107. 107.
  108. 108. few photoGRAPHS<br />of road <br />ACCIDENTAL DEATHS? <br />
  109. 109.
  110. 110. few photoGRAPHS<br />of road <br />ACCIDENTAL DEATHS? <br />
  111. 111.
  112. 112. few photoGRAPHS<br />of road <br />ACCIDENTAL DEATHS? <br />
  113. 113.
  114. 114. few photoGRAPHS<br />of road <br />ACCIDENTAL DEATHS? <br />
  115. 115.
  116. 116. few photoGRAPHS<br />of road <br />ACCIDENTAL DEATHS? <br />
  117. 117.
  118. 118. few photoGRAPHS<br />of road <br />ACCIDENTAL DEATHS? <br />
  119. 119.
  120. 120. few photoGRAPHS<br />of road <br />ACCIDENTAL DEATHS? <br />
  121. 121.
  122. 122. few photoGRAPHS<br />of road <br />ACCIDENTAL DEATHS? <br />
  123. 123.
  124. 124. few photoGRAPHS<br />of road <br />ACCIDENTAL DEATHS? <br />
  125. 125.
  126. 126. few photoGRAPHS<br />of road <br />ACCIDENTAL DEATHS? <br />
  127. 127.
  128. 128. few photoGRAPHS<br />of road <br />ACCIDENTAL DEATHS? <br />
  129. 129.
  130. 130. INTERNATIONAL <br />Road Accident Photos<br />
  131. 131.
  132. 132. INTERNATIONAL <br />Road Accident Photos<br />
  133. 133.
  134. 134. INTERNATIONAL <br />Road Accident Photos<br />
  135. 135.
  136. 136. INTERNATIONAL <br />Road Accident Photos<br />
  137. 137.
  138. 138. INTERNATIONAL <br />Road Accident Photos<br />
  139. 139.
  140. 140. FUTURE Road Users Situation Photo!<br />
  141. 141.
  142. 142. SIZE OF NUMBERS PLATES<br />AS PER INDIAN CMV ACT<br />.<br />
  143. 143. SIZE OF NUMBERS PLATES<br />1.SIZE OF NUMBER PLATES<br />For Two and Three wheelers 200 x 100 mm<br />For Light Motor Vehicles / Passenger cars 340 x 200 mm or 500 x 120 mm (Single Line) <br />For Medium and heavy Commercial Vehicles 340 x 200 mm<br />2. NUMBER COLOUR SCHEME<br />For Non-Transport Vehicles : Registration mark should be in BlackColour on White background.<br />For Transport Vehicles : Registration mark should be in BlackColour on Yellow background. <br />3.SIZE OF LETTERS AND NUMBER DIMENSIONS IN mm<br />Motor Cycle less then 70CC<br />Front Letters and Numbers Height Thickness Space<br /> 15 2.5 2.5<br />All Other Moto Vehicles Front <br />and Rear Number & Letters Height Thickness Space<br /> 65 10 10<br />AP 9BA 6666<br />AP 13G 9999<br />
  144. 144. SIZE OF NUMBERS PLATES<br />1.SIZE OF NUMBER PLATES<br />4.SIZE OF LETTERS AND NUMBER DIMENSIONS IN mm<br />Three Wheeler above 500 cc<br />Rear Numbers & Letters Height Thickness Space<br /> 15 2.5 2.5<br />All Motorcycles and Three Wheeler invalid carriages <br /> Height Thickness Space<br />i) Rear Letters 65 10 10<br /> ii) Rear Numbers 40 7 5<br /> iii) Front Letters & Numbers 30 5 5<br />AP 13<br />V 2345<br />2. NUMBER COLOUR SCHEME<br />AP 11Q 1111<br />1) Except Registration marks of the vehicle any other names, pictures, art shall not be displayed on number plates!<br />2) Fancy lettering is not permitted!<br />
  145. 145. ROAD LANE MARKING<br />.<br />
  146. 146. ROAD LANE MARKING!<br />“This line is found on busy main roads and traffic intersection. Here crossing this line and overtaking is prohibited”<br />SOLID WHITE LINE ON ROAD<br />
  147. 147. ROAD LANE MARKING!<br />“Separation of lanes on which travel in the same directions, with crossing from one to the other”<br />WHITE DOT LINE on ROAD<br />
  148. 148. ROAD LANE MARKING!<br />“Separation of lanes on which travel is in the opposite direction, and where overtaking with care is permitted”<br />YELLOW dot LINE on ROAD<br />
  149. 149. ROAD LANE MARKING!<br />“Separation of lanes or of a lane and should where lane changing is discouraged”<br />SOLID YELLOW SINGLE LINE ON ROAD<br />
  150. 150. ROAD LANE MARKING!<br />“Separation of lanes overtaking is prohibited in both directions. Right turn maneuvers across this marking are not permitted”<br />SOLID YELLOW DOUBLE LINE ROAD<br />
  151. 151. ROAD LANE MARKING!<br />DOT YELLOW & SOLID single LINE on ROAD<br />“Separation of lanes where overtaking is permitted with care for traffic adjacent to the broken line, but prohibited for traffic adjacent to solid line ”<br />
  152. 152. HAND SIGNAL!<br />“About to turn to right:-<br />Extend the right arm in a horizontal position outside of the vehicle and hold rigidly with the palm turned to the front”<br />
  153. 153. HAND SIGNAL!<br />“About to slow down:-<br />Extend the right arm outside of the vehicle and with the palm down wards and move the arm up and down slowly several times”<br />
  154. 154. HAND SIGNAL!<br />“To allow the vehicle behind -<br />You to overtake:-<br />Extend the right arm horizontally outside of the vehicle and move backward and forward in semicircular motion”<br />
  155. 155. HAND SIGNAL!<br />“About to turn to left:-<br />Extend the right arm outside of the vehicle and rotate it in anti-clockwise direction”<br />
  156. 156. HAND SIGNAL!<br />“About to stop:-<br />Extend the right arm outside of the vehicle and raise forearm vertically with palm turned to the front”<br />
  157. 157. H<br />A<br />N<br />D<br />S<br />I<br />G<br />N<br />A<br />L<br />Beckoning vehicles approaching <br />from right<br />To STOP vehicles approaching from behind<br />To STOP vehicles <br />coming from front<br />RESPECT THE TRAFFIC POLICE<br />* * *<br />Follow The Traffic Rules & Signs<br />&<br />Respect The Other ROAD Users <br />.<br />Beckoning vehicles from front<br />
  158. 158. H<br />A<br />N<br />D<br />S<br />I<br />G<br />N<br />A<br />L<br />Beckoning vehicles approaching from left<br />To stop vehicles approaching from left and wanting to turn right<br />To stop vehicles approaching simultaneously from front and behind<br />To stop vehicles approaching from the right to allow vehicles from left to turn right<br />To allow vehicles coming in from the right and turning right by stopping traffic approaching from left<br />Warning signals, closing <br />all vehicles<br />.<br />
  159. 159. M<br />A<br />N<br />D<br />A<br />T<br />O<br />R<br />Y<br />S<br />I<br />G<br />N<br />S<br />Height Limit<br />Speed Limit<br />Width Limit<br />Restriction ends<br />No parking<br />No stopping<br />Compulsory ahead only<br />Compulsory- keep left<br />.<br />
  160. 160. M<br />A<br />N<br />D<br />A<br />T<br />O<br />R<br />Y<br />S<br />I<br />G<br />N<br />S<br />.<br />
  161. 161. C<br />A<br />U<br />T<br />I<br />O<br />N<br />A<br />R<br />Y<br />S<br />I<br />G<br />N<br />S<br />.<br />
  162. 162. C<br />A<br />U<br />T<br />I<br />O<br />N<br />A<br />R<br />Y<br />S<br />I<br />G<br />N<br />S<br />.<br />
  163. 163. I<br />N<br />F<br />O<br />R<br />M<br />A<br />T<br />O<br />R<br />Y<br />S<br />I<br />G<br />N<br />S<br />.<br />
  164. 164. I<br />N<br />F<br />O<br />R<br />M<br />A<br />T<br />O<br />R<br />Y<br />S<br />I<br />G<br />N<br />S<br />.<br />
  165. 165. WORK IN PROGRESS<br />.<br />
  166. 166. JAI BHARATH<br />INDIAN YOUTH SECURED ORGANISATION<br />REGD.NO: 287/2005<br />Approved U/S.80G [5] [vi] of income tax act.1961<br />CORPORATE OFFICE, <br /># 1-5-276/288(NEW), Kaman to rose theatre road, <br />karimnagar-(A.P), INDIA-505 001.<br />e-MAIL: indian.youth.secured.organisation@gmail.com<br />
  167. 167. JAI BHARATH<br /> THANK YOU<br />Your communication of support , our skills & efforts!<br />MAY I HELP YOU: +91-98854-91221 / +91-90000-77755 / +91-94400-21112<br />Courtesy: INDIAN YOUTH SECURED ORGANISATION KARIMNAGAR-(A.P), INDIA.<br />
  168. 168. .<br />