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GOOD MRORNING-DTC Day-13 At 9:05 AM DATE: 13-02-2010 Venue: A.S.R High School English Medium, Ashok Nagar Karimnagar-A.P 2010


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Develop Traffic Consciousness,
Dear Teenage Children,


Date: 13-02-2010,

My Dear GOD Gifted Friends,

Dear All,


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SUB: DAY-13 “GOOD MORNING-DTC” reached at 9:05AM Venue: A.S.R.High School E/M, Ashok Nagar, Karimnagar-(A.P).

With the subject cited above, we the members of IYSO Team INDIA wish to submit the our noble project report GOOD MORNING-DTC reached DAY-13 at 9:05AM Venue: A.S.R.High School E/M, Ashok Nagar, Karimnagar-(A.P).

Today we have elected our today’s team leader Master.Sai Teja (6th Class student A.S.R.High School) of Our team leader handover the noble mission Good morning DTC banner to our Chief Guest: Shri.CH.Rajeshwar Reddyji (The Correspondent A.S.R.High School). He released our noble mission banner on his good hands and given message to the student’s to follow the Traffic Rules & Signs and spread awareness among their family and friends, especially the children has to extra attention when they cross the road.

He also appreciated the IYSO Team INDIA for launching noble mission Good morning-DTC in public interest.

In the side program Shri.J.Santosh Kumar (The Administrative officer A.S.R.High School), Ghansham Ojha (F&P IYSO Team INDIA), Shri.Vishwanath Balram (IYSO Team INDIA HOD), Shri.Md.Samadji (IYSO Team INDIA Photographer HOD), 260 Students and teachers participated in this noble mission at A.S.R.High School E/M, Ashok Nagar, Karimnagar-(A.P).

* Good morning-DTC is a 50 and more days concept to create awareness among school children and spread our noble message with the help of teenage with their family and friends about Traffic Signs. Our noble attempt may create sense in one and all, regarding follow Traffic Rules & Sign Nationwide. We will continue our efforts to reduce the Road Accidents & Accidental Deaths. So let’s join our hands to protect our citizens from such evils and keep them into our Safe & Secured country.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We the members of IYSO Team INDIA glad to inform you that yesterday night we have received award certificate from "INDIAN ACHIEVER FORUM NEW DELHI" "INDIAN ACHIEVERS' AWARD FOR SOCIAL SERVICE" for out standing achievements towards Social & Economic Development for the year-2009. Along with this press note we are attaching the received certificate for your kind notice.


With Attention:
P.D: Good morning-DTC,
INDIA-505 001.

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