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T2G Announcement Letter

Announcement Letter

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T2G Announcement Letter

  1. 1. Announcement Formation of T2G, The Transition Group Finding  Purpose  during  Job  Transition   Losing a job can be a devastating event for many people, whether through downsizing, closures, facility relocations or termination. Going through this major transition in life can be overwhelming for many people. These growing levels of job loss represent an opportunity for the Zionsville and surrounding community to step up and help. Bob Paden, Sr. Account Manager at QuEST Global Services, is stepping up to help solve this problem through the newly formed support group named T2 G, The Transition Group. Starting in late April or early May, T2G will meet weekly in Zionsville, providing encouragement, tools, support and a different method than traditional job searches that may yield less than desirable results. T2 G is an invitation-only support group, not open to the general public, aimed primarily at white-collar professionals. After a short phone or in-person interview, the candidate will be informed whether there is space available in the group at that time and what is expected to participate. T2 G may not be for everyone – it will require a level of commitment, motivation and hard work beyond what the average job seeker may be accustomed to. You are asked to take these steps to help Bob bring this needed service to Zionsville and the surrounding community: • Provide this request to your minister or member of your staff and recommend their support of this service • Help arrange a brief presentation to your church/staff by Bob Paden • Encourage members of your church who may be jobless or searching for work to contact Bob about participation in this weekly support group. A small participation fee is required to ensure commitment. • Support Bob’s efforts by giving any amount of funding possible at If you have any questions please contact Bob Paden at 765-894-6644, or at Thank you!