'Increasing Customer Engagement in Social Media' Джири Вовез, вице-президент SocialBakers


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'Increasing Customer Engagement in Social Media'. Джири Вовез, вице-президент SocialBakers. Выступление на форуме "Медиа будущего", проведенного 19-21 июня в Москве агентством "РИА Новости"

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'Increasing Customer Engagement in Social Media' Джири Вовез, вице-президент SocialBakers

  1. 1. Increasing CustomerEngagement in Social Media Jiri Voves, Socialbakers Co-Founder & Head of Product @jirivoves
  2. 2. About Socialbakers› Offices in London, Prague, “We are a ‘customer developed’ company,” Munich, San Francisco, Paris said Jan Rezab, who is the CEO and co- founder of Socialbakers. “Our customers kept telling us the metrics they wanted to see.”› 400,000 marketers across 75+ countries, every continent October 31, 2011› Launched platform in 2010, currently 110+ employees Used by Leaders› Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, one of 7 in the world that have 3 competence badges
  3. 3. Visit Socialbakers.com
  4. 4. Socialbakers Platform View in Build Get Data Context Engagement The #1 go to place The #1 platform of Build meaningful for marketers to find choice by hundreds of social media social statistics. marketers to monitor campaigns that help and compare their drive your social social media media success performance
  5. 5. Facebook In Numbers: Steady Growth Facebook User Growth
  6. 6. Facebook in numbers: Russia 61 % FB population in 18-34 yrs of age
  7. 7. Facebook in numbers: Facts More than 900 million users Over half of the users login every day #1 website worldwide in terms of average time spent on site 90 % of all interactions happen in the Newsfeed “ Facebook: Not just clicking, but really making “ connections between users and brands
  8. 8. Latest Trends In Social Media Content Customer Care AnalyticsMost of your fans don’t Almost no barrier Monitoring matters.come back to your between brands and Only fully informedPage. Most of the users. Proper brand is able to dointeractions happen in communication is a proper marketingthe Newsfeed key to success decisions.
  9. 9. Content is King – Newsfeed Content
  10. 10. Content is King – Newsfeed Content
  11. 11. Application Content
  12. 12. Application ContentPUMA 400 000 users 3 weeks
  13. 13. Timeline content – „Social by design“ Approx. 90 % of interactions happen in the Newsfeed
  14. 14. Microformat Content
  15. 15. Microformat Content
  16. 16. Microformat Content – Reaching more fans
  17. 17. Metrics that matter Fans Engagement Size, reach, and growth User interactions and evolution engagement to content, People talking about Community Competition Compare all of that with Community management, competitors and know response rate, key what’s happening in the influencers, Core Fans industry
  18. 18. Why Engagement Matters An indicator that your message is resonating with your fans which leads to higher brand loyalty and ultimately sales. The more engaged your fans are the more they act as ambassadors for your brand.
  19. 19. Why Engagement Matters
  20. 20. Engagement – Cross Platforms
  21. 21. Analytics – Comparisons
  22. 22. Customer Care – Power to the User 1. Facebook Page: Your mission control on Facebook 2. No barriers between users and brands 3. Quick and immediate reach 4. Popular in services industry
  23. 23. Customer Care
  24. 24. Customer Care - Claro
  25. 25. Top industries by Response Rate Response Rate by Industry70605040 Average 32 %30 RR [%]20100
  26. 26. Recent Case StudyJan 2, 2012Socialbakers publishes Infographic for US ElectionsJan 3, 2012AdAge reports President Obama’s family picture ismost viral on FacebookFeb 21, 2012Washington Post reports President Obama selectsfamily photo for re-election ad
  27. 27. Summary 1. Choose the right metrics to monitor = Helps understand success in social media 2. Build great content for your social presence = Helps engaging your fans 3. Make sure you do both proactive and reactive engagement in social media = Helps build community 4. Use the right tools and partners = Helps to do it faster and easier
  28. 28. jiri@socialbakers.com M: +420 603 101 475Link me: Friend me: Follow meJiri Voves facebook.com/jirivoves @jirivoves(anytime) (meet me first) (when you want)