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Female Nerd Heroes


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Admiring individuals who have overcome cultural pressures to positively impact the technology community. Here's an infographic celebrating the top women contributors in tech.... so far.

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Female Nerd Heroes

  1. 1. Technical excellence and talent are to be admired, but those who have special strength and courage to overcome cultural pressures and have positively impacted their communities belong to a different class — heroes. This is the first in a series to recognize individuals who have altered history with their contributions to the technology community. Computer scientist and founder of the Institute of Women and Technology. now an international advocacy organization ANGELA BYRON l1977-l ‘‘ ‘ Software developer and evangelist for the Open Source and Drupal movements 0 Led and encouraged women to become involved in open source community 0 First woman to be featured on the cover of Linux Journal, in April 2011 0 Director of Community Development for Acquia, a software company that provides products and services for Drupal. til mi: :3 iii lll ii : l:'Ii : Ii) :3 9 : -I: Early female computer programmer and US military leader MARY LOU JEPSEN (1965-) Founder and CTO of the non-profit, open source One Laptop Per Child, a global program to provide children laptops for $100 0 lr 1'98-C4. co-«: 'eate-‘J tl‘e w~: '|d's lirst l‘-’. ‘iL‘~gfFJphlC ‘-'| d~3C- : fiu; =tern. O F-: u.. rider of Pixe 13:. wlich b. J| -3-/ .'-p~: wa' d splai-, 's l: -' r'i: ;-D le devices Software designer and network engineer. known as the mother of the intemet for her invention of internet routing and bridging protocols JANIE TSAO (1955 -l Taiwanese immigrant and programmer who cofounded Linksys with her husband from their garage. Linksys later become the leader in wireless and networking hardware for retail and e-commerce O in April 2003. Cisco Systems acquired Lnksys. establishng it as an operating drvision with Janie and her husband :1 executive management roles. 0 In 2004, the Tsaozs were named ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ by Incl Magazne. 0 New Relic