Confessions of a tech CEO who still loves to code


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At a well-attended SXSW presentation — The Case for the Coding CEO — New Relic’s very own Lew Cirne offered some hard-earned tips to developer/CEOs looking for the creative freedom to build the next wave of innovation while still leading the business.

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Confessions of a tech CEO who still loves to code

  1. 1. New Relic, Inc. | Confidential1 Confessionsof a tech CEO who still loves to code
  2. 2. New Relic, Inc. | Confidential2 Hello, my name is Lew Cirne
  3. 3. New Relic, Inc. | Confidential3 I’m the CEO & founder of New Relic
  4. 4. New Relic, Inc. | Confidential4 350+ employees $115M in financing 4 offices worldwide
  5. 5. New Relic, Inc. | Confidential5 I didn’t do traditional “CEO” things last year. No suit. No tie. No presentations.
  6. 6. New Relic, Inc. | Confidential6
  7. 7. New Relic, Inc. | Confidential7 Instead I hacked a new batch of code for our next generation set of products.
  8. 8. New Relic, Inc. | Confidential8 Then I spent the year with my team, making “pure coding joy” = a great product
  9. 9. New Relic, Inc. | Confidential9
  10. 10. New Relic, Inc. | Confidential10 The results? The team is happy (and I’m doing what I love). Innovation is front & center for us
  11. 11. New Relic, Inc. | Confidential11 The results? after 15 months of work by me & team Preview in October Now in private beta Public beta & GA this year
  12. 12. New Relic, Inc. | Confidential12 Surround yourself with exceptional people
  13. 13. New Relic, Inc. | Confidential13 When do you innovate / disrupt yourself?
  14. 14. New Relic, Inc. | Confidential14 We are here RevenueGrowth Time Disrupt yourself! Too late! Disrupt yourself again!
  15. 15. New Relic, Inc. | Confidential15 Why this is good for our company (andyours)
  16. 16. New Relic, Inc. | Confidential16 Culture of innovation and product first Keeps me connected to technology trends and helps with strategic decision making Innovate/disrupt yourself before the world does
  17. 17. New Relic, Inc. | Confidential17 You can make a difference doing the thing you love
  18. 18. New Relic, Inc. | Confidential18 Thank you