What Are The Possible Causes Of Schizophrenia


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Signs, myths and types of Schizophrenia . Find answers here: http://schizophrenia-blog.newrealitybegins.com/.

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What Are The Possible Causes Of Schizophrenia

  1. 1. ==== ====For Great Schizophrenia Relief Tips Check This Outhttp://schizophrenia-blog.newrealitybegins.com==== ====Scientists are doing their best to find out the exact causes of schizophrenia and for that they aredoing biochemistry studies, molecular biology studies and genetic studies.One study has proved that in those who have schizophrenia a neurochemical imbalance ispresent. Researchers are studying the neurotransmitters and are testing drugs like antipsychoticson three of the neurotransmitters: dopamine, norepinefrine and serotonin.Scientists also discovered that people with schizophrenia have problems with the coordinationbetween different areas of the brain. Normally when one area activates others decrease theiractivity but in schizophrenics these areas keep on being active in the same time with others. Also,during hallucinations of the patients researchers discovered some areas that manifested unusualactivity.The research made in molecular biology showed that the schizophrenic patients had an irregularpattern of some brain cells. Scientists thought that this pattern might lead them to a possible causeof schizophrenia during the prenatal period or that it shows a possibility for a later development ofthis disease.It seems that schizophrenia is not a hereditary disease; this is what genetic studies have showed.Some people believe that stress is the cause of schizophrenia. This is not true; stress only makesthe symptoms look worse but does not mean that it causes the disease.Others believe that the cause for schizophrenia is drugs. The drug abuse only gives worsesymptoms of schizophrenia or triggers schizophrenia to manifest, but this means that the diseasealready existed before drugs were taken. In healthy persons drugs only give symptoms like thosein schizophrenia but do not create the disease.A lack of vitamins is not a cause for schizophrenia. Some patients suffering of schizophrenia tookvitamins after the disease had manifested and they got better but this could have been only agood effect of the diet and vitamins and they would have recovered any way independent of thefollowed treatment.The only certain things scientists know until now about schizophrenia are that schizophrenia is amental disease, associated with biochemical changes in the brain along with physical changes.This disease generally is unleashed in adolescence, mostly during the period of 16 to 25 andseems to affect 1% of the world population. The existing medications are quite useful and they cantreat most of the schizophrenic cases.
  2. 2. Other things scientists are sure of are: schizophrenia is not a disease caused by traumas inducedby parents during childhood, or caused by poverty and does not refer to a split of personalityeither.For more resources about history of schizophrenia or even about schizophrenia cause pleasefollow this link http://www.schizophrenia-info-center.com/Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Groshan_Fabiola==== ====For Great Schizophrenia Relief Tips Check This Outhttp://schizophrenia-blog.newrealitybegins.com==== ====